December 3-4, 2021: A Healing with Removal of an Energy Attachment and a Follow-Up Visit



John, a friend, sent me a text saying he wanted to remove his attachment he had named “Ray.” This is the first time, after a year of discussion, I’d heard him name his parasitic attachment. This was not good. How can you willingly remove a close, intimate friend? Or advisor? A source of the emotional juice in your life? I became very alarmed by his personal battle and my assumptions that cherishing the presence of “Ray,” an accelerating process of dealing with depression and anxiety, produced bursts of anger, and would accelerate the energetic parasite’s presence.
I had spent time reviewing what I knew and saw about John’s energetic attachment.
It was very different from others that I’d removed. I decided it was a hereditary attachment, which is an attachment that had resided in the host and the host’s family for hundreds of years. These long-term familial attachments are passed from the Mother to the child. Usually, the recipient is noticed to have mood swings, constant depression, or an inclination to addiction.
I talked about the removal process and was advised to proceed without John’s cooperation. I did not want to heal while the Host and the attachment joined in a struggle to stay intact. I said to John there was no need to get me involved in a healing until he was ready to cooperate in the removal process, whether conscious or unconscious. It did not matter.
With his text message asking for removal, I suspected John had had enough and was ready to have the energy parasite removed. I chose this time period to proceed, assuming the Host was either asleep or fatigued, a healing version of anesthesia.
I found embedded in John’s body a visible presence, an energetic gray thick-skinned body whose liquid sack floated above his right shoulder and then moved with a slow-motion roll of fat layers whose lower half fully penetrated John’s body.
The attachment was a thick cord or tendrils that penetrated the nervous system’s complex wiring. This one had had a long time to grow and embed itself. The tendrils were affecting emotions, thoughts, producing depression and rages, amplifying drinking and sexual desires.
These attachments matched John’s energetic body to easily feed on his body’s life system and etheric body’s structure. Without compatibility, the reception of the attachment/parasite will be problematic. Viable hosts are sought life after life in a multitude of potential hosts. It seems that the match is made secure by the genetic structure of the Host’s DNA.
The attaching energy parasite is a very sophisticated primal attachment. These energetic attachments have been feeding off humans from the beginning of known time. There have been five successive developments of animal consciousness to the perfected higher consciousnesses of the dominant species.
The healing started with accepted body signals. The energy I was channeling created a clear signal to begin. With my energetic directions to Spirit, the attachment was flooded with light, a white light with a yellowish tinting and some purple and blue streams into the nervous system of the Host, the light energy rocking the parasite from its attachment to the nerve sheathing.
As the energy connected and held the nerves, they were gently, but implacably, pulling the exposed sack slowly outwards, and continued to rock the connected tendrils and pull these out slowly. I had a great concern about how the attachment was embedded. Tearing “Ray” was out of the question.
Disintegrating the energy through energy blasts could damage the integrity of John’s energy and nerve system.
I called out to my guardian angel, Priscus, who showed up and stood by me. Though his light emanations charged the body of the Host, and he held the sack, he would do no more. He is very prickly about intervening or helping in my healing work. If I can do the work, he won’t get involved, and to date I have finished what was needed.
This healing was very complicated, with so many moving parts, so I sent the Tre’ Cha’ sphere into the body and it began snipping the connectors of the attachment’s tendrils from the nervous system. This was a very delicate and complicated network; these tendrils had been established for more than 60 years. Real damage to the nerves, from the etheric body linked to the physical body, could have been permanently damaging to the Host’s body.
As the attachment was removed it sought out my energy body to re-attach itself. My defensive system reacted, as the gift ring of the Master and my House brightened, and repulsed the attempt. I could see the identity of the attachment as a symbol of being. This was surprising. The attachment was a conscious entity, not the mindless parasite I had imagined.
It was now fighting for dominance against the flow of energy. I finally pulled off the entity attachment (it was a life-form I had not seen before, self-aware and feeding on one body after another from the inception of life). I pushed it out and away from its host, then went back in to clean up its remnants and close its entry point. The Host would be disoriented for a few days and emotionally reactive.
I withdrew. This work was done. The Host would need to be protective against a new attachment. Removal of the energy attachment would be like losing a body part. Usually, the loss is deeply felt in a long-term sense as sadness and emptiness for one like this. The need to shield energetically the Host from the attachments is critical to avoid new attachments. The energetic body until healed will be a target for other like-minded energetic parasites.
I shifted back to home base which was fast and did not require much deceleration of the energetic (astral) body. Coming back was a vibrational jolt from high speed to the slower-moving physical body. Tired but satisfied, I went back to sleep.
From “The Pattern”