π„π±π©πžπ«π’πžπ§πœπž 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 πŸ“-πŸ‘πŸŽ-𝟐𝟎 𝐚𝐭 πŸ”:𝟎𝟎 π€πŒ



I went to visit my youngest son while checking room and house shields. These were in good shape, and then I noticed a figure in his room and moved to where it stood by the bed. The entity flowed in a pearlescent light; I knew I was looking at an angelic entity.

I asked, β€œWho are you?”

He looked at me and replied, β€œI am your son’s Guardian now. My name is Na-Drith.”

I said hello and asked, β€œWhat is your House?” I didn’t want anyone in the house not aligned with my work. He did not reply immediately then decided I had the tools to find out for myself. He said, β€œHouse of Gabriel” and smiled. I smiled as well. Good to go.

He then said, β€œYour son is a messenger of Spirit’s light and will work in the fulfillment of the new Pattern of human consciousness. He is protected.”

Great. I introduced myself, House, and lineage. He nodded; he already knew who I was but appreciated the courtesy (angelic beings are big sticklers about demonstrating courtesy in all interactions).

Na-Drith said, β€œYour son’s childhood spirit friend is outside the shield of the house.” Sophia, my son had told me, though his memory of her was fading. She was stopped at the golden protective screen wrapped around the house.

There was not anything critical to do about this at the moment, so I waved and moved on to get to my own work. If anything changed, I would be back to correct it.

I moved to the City of Black Lights and stood in the flow of source energy for thirty minutes in Homebase time. Shaking myself out of the wonderful feeling of being recharged by Source, I asked the Master for a moment to chat. He came over and I asked about the new battleship. He said, β€œIt’s done, take it.” It came out of a solid black wall, shimmering with an undercurrent of energy. The Master walked through it with me, notably a new cloaking device, reality distortion torpedoes and additional turrets for expressing potential energy placed on top, under the ship, and in the nose. The ship was ready in a spur-of-moment request of three days of homebase time here/three years there.

The ship was ready to go, and I soloed to City of Lights and parked. Then I walked to the transport portal to The Gathering. I met a Guardian and asked about Bright Star, whose loss upset me. The Guardian said, β€œYou were not rejected. Bright Star faced a disturbing conflict of interest within his House. He loved you but could not go against his House, so he withdrew.” The Guardian had no advice.

–Kevin Jeffers