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I walked over to the Monroe Institute where I had previously found a transit portal to New Human Consciousness. The Portal is a large perfectly round opening, with a moving grayish interior. I had no idea what that meant. I just knew it worked for me, though you needed some permission to go through there. There was no limitation of where we can go, back to the creation or conversely the destruction of the galaxy. Maybe.

This Portal is operated to send traveling Souls to locations beyond the City of Lights. My goal was to witness the New Human Consciousness, also known as the gathering, where all forms of consciousness had come to observe the birth, or failure of the new consciousness on Earth.

The lady receptionist/gatekeeper nodded at me, smiled, and went back to her work. I stepped through and entered a tunnel with spaced-out bands of narrow blue/green/white lights. Blue was the predominant color.

The wall and ceiling lights flickered, like a tunnel ride in an amusement park ride. The ride stopped and I ended up at a beach. It was a pleasant, warm day wherever I was. I looked up and rose into the sky.

I saw Bright Star standing in front of me.

He said I had grown again and was growing stronger. He saw the pineal “hole”—the surgical cut that separated a chunk of energy from the area between and above my eyes—and smiled.

He then quickly—and without notice—pushed a multi-pointed crystal red-tinted/colored rock/stone/energy pattern directly into the hole in my forehead, the space of my third eye. It had an etched glass-like multi-pronged star shape with red-tinted edges. It looked like it was way too sharp and would hurt. It did not.

As soon as the star was placed, Bright Star moved out of view. Behind where Bright Star stood, I saw a massive, glowing sphere that pulsated and seemed to be a living presence. Streams of energy like the corona of our sun moved around its surface. Abruptly blue streams floated out of the surface and fell back in.

This I knew was a growing uplift of consciousness for our planet. I was told this is “The Gathering” where visitors from all parts of the galaxy came to witness the birth of a new consciousness—or its failure to manifest.

I felt myself getting deeply tired and then Bright Star winked out. I turned around and moved out through the Portal and re-entered the reception area, nodding to the receptionist and walking out the door.

I phased to home base.

— Kevin Jeffers