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Earth core is the center of the planet Earth and is a metallic quartz rock. It is also the location of Mother Earth, known as Gaia. This is a newer experience for me. The density of the core moves energy about in odd ways. And it is not black, but a solid, luminescent black that is beautiful in design. It is here that Gaia directs the evolution of all creatures in and on the earth. I do not know how this works, just that it does.

 X34 is not a location. X34, like all focus levels, is a state of being, not a place. It is a state of consciousness.

 My frequency was oscillating at X34 level before my consciousness shifted to the Earth’s core.

 After arrival, I walked around the black chamber and saw a male, priest/king who was not happy to see me. His greetings were a large frown. He had piercing eyes through a large, full beard. He was on what looked like a throne. To his left sat a woman, also shrouded in gold.

 On seeing her I dropped to the floor face down and said, “Mother of All.” She looked at me, but I couldn’t focus. She was simultaneously changing faces, while she looked left and right at the same time. Tall, slender, regal, I wasn’t sure she was there at all though she felt alive. The General was speaking on her behalf to various groups and individuals who were pleading a case, asking for something, or just complaining.

 I stood up and looked at her once again when the General nodded at me as though in agreement with something or approval. I have learned not to ignore or demean Gods and Goddesses. Not healthy. Then I left and returned to X34, very puzzled. So many mysteries in a moment of eternity.

After I met Gaia, I shifted to X23 and checked on the Terras. The work is 25% completed. I walked over to where the Inner Ring containment cages had been placed and found a Temple of Adoration of the Light. It is called the Temple of Evadon, the name rang as familiar to me, very familiar yet the details escaped my recall. The data will flow in due course; it is too real to set aside.

Inside there are huge screens and controls, monitoring the arrivals and the residents. The earliest Creator mandate for this place was for souls to learn and move on to X27 for planning and counseling. Six of these screens were focused on the six terraforming machines, and their functionality and productivity was calculated and monitored.

I walked outside the grounds of the Temple, and the ground is not solid for me. It is a gaseous mass that I can walk on but not feel. The new and evolving X23 refuses to engage with me; it knows I am not dead. The earlier experience of revisiting lives will not be seen again until I die myself and do not move into the light.

I then shifted to X49 and met the council. The leader of this visit was Dispea the Demon archetype. He simply said, “Be cautious, not all friends are friends (or something to that effect).” I get it. Betrayal here is in the energy loops that fill the space of everything. No idea why. Too much power is concentrated in a very small group of Beings. Or they are all a bit crazy.

From X49 I went to the Healing Center on X34. I stepped into the healing device and watched the golden energy scans run through my energetic body. The machine began to remove leftover particles of myself that were attached to me from the disassembly of my energetic body as I went through the black hole. I lay back and relaxed. This was more of a general cleaning-up process, lengthy and tedious as the healing machine worked to find a center of being from the scattered parts. Unlike the Atlantean experience, all of the parts and pieces remained. A long, long process.

On completion, I returned to home base.

— Kevin Jeffers