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I identified two kids in very bad shape, each a different violent ending. I reached out to hold their hands. The connection settled me. These were real people, innocents. I asked them if they wanted to go to the light and pointed outwards to the brilliant white. They were happy. Good to go. They took my hands (I never grab hands, no action until the recovery allows themselves to come forward.

Then I looked up and out and saw a young boy looking intently at me, 13-14 and newly passed. I knew he was my target pickup, no question. I called him over, and he came and said his name is David. He wanted to leave immediately. He did not like the waiting. I said, “Get up on my back,” and he did so, his arms wrapped around my neck. I said, “It was time to go.” My hands full of him and others, I let the boy sink his energy lines into my back. He felt safety and did not want to let go. I knew he was not the average passenger.

I phased to the Park and as I rested there, no one wanted to take the boy. Everyone there was worried, and they stood back. I could not sense/see what they did. So, I harangued them to help. I released the girl’s hands and she was picked up. Finally, a group of colorful white globes took the boy away. He looked once at me. I knew he would remember me. I would sooner have forgotten.

I immediately tried to shake off the taint and left. In every Focus area in my retreat to C1 I spent time to shake off the taint, using the particular energy of the level to reduce the taint. By 12 it was 99% gone. By 1 it was gone from my head and emotions. When too fresh, and too emotional, I was very worried I would track a path back to my house. Before engaging I washed off the remaining emotion, the fear, the anxiety. Checked personal seals. I took a while to sleep again. It seemed like hours had passed.