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There is a massive backlog of souls trapped in the near earth planes, unable to process on to the next phase in their journey of conscious evolution. Much of this is due to mismanagement by the existing ruling set of Angels, Demons, and other non-human intelligences (NHIs). As the planet is reaching a critical point of physical instability, the global human consciousness must evolve or will likely be destroyed. Few will escape and continue to evolve if the worst outcome occurs.

Clearing the backlog of souls is a critical element of the rebalancing required for the successful transition of the global human consciousness to the next stage of evolution. As well as a backlog of souls, there is a massing of negative energies resulting from the excessive violence of the human species in its current design, and also from the entities attracted to the darkness we create in such great quantities. It is not the high quality stuff that we throw off when we love as fantastically as we can, but we do produce loads of the less tasty stuff.

Aliens/Non-Human Intelligences (NHIs):

“Aliens” are non-human intelligences I have encountered on my soul retrieval journeys and have met me on the non-physical planes. Some have occupied physical human forms and living human lives as part of their own desire for education, sometimes to simply experience the sensations of corporeal life. Some have alien bodies (not of this earth) that exist in the same physical universe as humans. Some have non-human bodies but may have originated on from far flung galaxies. Some can manifest a form to interact with humans in this physical universe. Others are entirely non-corporeal, existing in higher frequencies, tending to meet with humans in the realms beyond flesh.

These NHI’s come in all types and temperaments; good, bad, everything in between. Some reap, some sow, some are simply idly curious. They are, ALL of them, very interested in the coming evolution of consciousness that will transfer humans and reset the earth plane.


My interactions with demons have been fascinating. Yes, demons have presented themselves in monstrous forms and have been in charge of monstrous tasks, such as the reaping and guarding of souls collected as energy sources, money, and food. So too have the non-human intelligences done this, as well as the glorious angels themselves. Demons are the duality of Angelics, operating in the lower soul planes and on earth in concert with the angelics per a binding agreement with the heads of the houses. Each are an integral part of the intricate process of soul cultivation and balancing on the human collective scale.


Angelics are non-corporeal life forms. They arrived at this incubator on the edge of the galaxy after life was already flourishing and a number of species had already achieved high consciousness and graduated from the physical planes. One estimate is that they first arrived about 3 million years ago when early hominids were roaming around in many varieties. They took the world and the associated multi-dimensional planes over by force, imprisoning and/or evicting the previous managers.

They created early man and then modern man out of the physical materials already present and according to their own particular desires and needs. They exist outside of time from the perspective of humans, though it may be more accurate to state that they operate from a much wider lens view of time. They are mighty and selfish and ruthlessly determined. Some are paragons of goodness and virtue, but that is as rare among them as it is humans.