Thursday 12-3-20 early AM



Tonight was a retrieval effort of a “normal” person, or at least one not located in the punishment section of the Realm of Disorientation, where recently transitioned who were unable to move on stayed until helped. I moved through, by now standard Phasing, to the City of Lights where I asked four people to help me make a retrieval. They all accepted. I am always surprised there are Helpers for this work.
I phased to the Realm of Disorientation; the Helpers moved on their own. I landed in the gray zone and focused on my intended retrieval. It seems retrieval efforts are known in advance and the target is identified. Or everything in the City of Lights happens without consideration of time/space.
I quickly found a location and walked up to an older woman who recently passed. I asked her for her name. She identified herself as Gloria and she was in a rest home in the Bronx. I saw she has died from Covid-19. I asked her if she would like to move on to the Light. Then pointed to the brilliant white glow in the sky. She nodded and gave me permission to hold her hand.
I then phased to the City of Lights but stalled out above one of the belief territories. She started yanking on my hand and changed to something I would call a ghoul. Two of the Helpers also changed. I did not know what to do, releasing her to an unknown Belief system seemed wrong, I ignored the Helpers, figuring they would sort themselves out. By the time I arrived at the reception area, everyone looked normal again.
I do not know what happened. Later my guess was one of the stronger souls recognized and wanted the Helpers or her and exerted a lot of energy to pull them down into their belief system. Whatever happened, I was not accepting it so I continued. She was received and taken by local people. No one said anything. I decided to leave and returned to my meditation chair. Very puzzled and very tired. Quickly moved to sleep.