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Tonight I took a simple visit to the City of Black Lights. I knew I had to power up my energetic body—having a steak dinner does not work here. Here there is an infinite supply of potential black energy. Black energy is a shimmering black and silver flow of unrealized creative potential. This energy powers the creative energy used in creation. As unrealized potential, it transitions from intent to actual manifestation. This applies to Earth or the upper realms. It is the coin of the realm.

I rested in its flow. As I sat there, the Master of the City of Black Lights popped up in front of me. After polite greetings, he asked me what was needed. I slouched a bit and said, “I am very, very tired.” He then checked all his installed hardware and said there was no mechanical malfunction. That I knew. He blinked out, leaving an energy communication trail, “There is nothing I can do here. This is your business.”

As I rested a little boy walked up to me. I could not believe this was real. The boy was a well-loved six-year-old named L. He said, “Hi Dad, what are you doing?” and looked at me.

I said, ‘I am okay, just powering up here for my next trip.’ He smiled. I said to that smile, “It would be great to live long enough to see you grow up.” He returned my smile and slowly grew larger and taller through each phase of life through adulthood to an older man. Though his body changed, his face maintained his brown, piercing eyes, and rounded features. I saw him as an old man kneeling on a wood floor in front of a burning incense stick preparing for his death. The shrine included family images including mine as well. A good kid, he remembered his father in the end of his days. A life well lived.

He was honoring his parents and knew he would soon join them. I was happy, then sad to see Lucas grow and become a man of integrity and honor in his commitment to a spiritual life.

I now pray this will unfold as he showed, though Spirit’s decisions as to the life we live are not fixed.

Lucas then reversed the aging until once again he stood before me as a charming and very young six-year-old. He said, “Bye Dad, I have work to do,” and I felt the truth of this statement stream through me. I believe now he is the next generation of shapers, caretakers, and inheritors of the new Human Consciousness. I moved back to Homebase as an incredibly happy, very worried parent.

— Kevin Jeffers