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Our comprehension of the Pattern is unveiled through the realm of dreams, subsequently permeating the depths of our consciousness as intuition, premonition, and extrasensory perception.

Within dreams, the unconscious mind embellishes our emotions and imparts guidance and counsel. However, they also serve as a dynamic nexus between the spiritual realm and humanity. Matters that elude our grasp or remain unspoken during our waking hours find a platform for open dialogue within the realm of dreams.

The unconscious mind acts as a gateway to parallel dimensions of reality that coexist alongside our everyday existence. Our fundamental essence, whether referred to as the Spirit Self or the Self, orchestrates the flow of information and theatricality that unfolds each night. This control mechanism, known as “the dreamer,” establishes priorities within the nocturnal dramas we encounter.

Not all dreams are influenced by the dreamer’s guidance. Many of them manifest as feedback loops for repressed emotions. Others are nonsensical dreams triggered by specific foods, illness, or sleeping postures. However, the dreams orchestrated by the dreamer possess intelligence. They utilize the reservoir of symbols ingrained in our minds from birth, blending them with our attitudes toward individuals, groups, and objects. The collaboration between Spirit and the dreamer gives rise to uplifting dreams, with the ultimate purpose of enlightening and propelling us forward through the intricate design of the Pattern.