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Felt it was time to penetrate the black hole in our universe. Went from X34 to X42 to X49 via the Monroe spaceship. Arrived at X49 and a state of consciousness that would allow this to happen. Lifted out of the spaceship and called to El Bet the captain and the Warlock cruiser I built last year for exploration and transport. I knew these would work fine. Entered the Warlock and talked to El Bet about my plans. She was ok with that, and I fitted the Tre’cha Sphere into the control console and asked El Bet to start.

My thought was if this black hole was a stargate, why not find out? We approached the black hole and talked about circling the edges of the Event Horizon. That would not work for my purposes as doing a slingshot around the black hole would not get us inside the black hole. That decided, why not head in directly? So, we started in. The pull became stronger. The Warlock began to change shape into a paper-thin spearhead and started using the energy around the ship to go faster. The spaceship thinned out, becoming transparent, and no longer having a structure. The ship was like a dream, there but not there. This was how to pass through? Speed was critical here.

The Warlock entered the black hole. Before full immersion when entering, I experienced a distortion of my sense of time and space. The distortion became expanded and the visual in full entry was not “black.” The space was black, white, and gray speckled with light. I became thought with no structure. The ship looked like a ghost. Transparent.

The black speckles inside the black hole were black light, not a flat black color. There were also gray and white “speckles” of light. For what seemed a very long time the dilation continued. The ship now looked thinner than a strip of paper and I thought I was in trouble. How did I and the crew survive inside a piece of paper? No idea.

Would this aspect of Self get stuck here, forcing a later retrieval? I had just retrieved an aspect of my conscious self from the Sun’s interior, the result of an exploration trip of at least three periods of human consciousness prior to this. I experienced a strange mix of anticipation and fear.

The trip continued much the same. Some “time” later the sense of frequency sped up again, and the experience of space solidified bit by bit. Time was still missing but understood. The nose of the ship pierced an edge of the physicality of the other side of the black hole and then fully emerged.

The sight was wonderful. Multiple bright colors of light dotted the sky, colors were cleaner than where I had come from. The underlying frequency was faster and stronger. Were these the unknown multitude of galaxies that had been pulled in through the vortex? I stopped for a while then felt strongly it was time to return.

We went back through the black hole from the other side to my current reality. The effects were the same. Then off to be cleared of possible energetic adhesions. The effect of this trip lasted all day, a disorienting effect.

— Kevin Jeffers