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Today after meditation on the black light of Creation/Source, I felt strong enough to continue with a retrieval within the ringed inner zone of the Afterlife Energy Ring. I am not sure if this is an accurate description, or where exactly Souls engaged in reliving their actions are quarantined. Or if this is a unique or dedicated area.

I do retrievals to the Afterlife Energy Ring following different types, colors, and textures of vibration/energy within the gray zones. The Gray zones are waiting/staging areas for Souls in transition after death, and before they are directed or recovered by retrieval experts. It seems when someone ends up in the Afterlife Energy Ring, they need to slowly become aware of who they are and where they are. This can take years or centuries.

The black zone after the first ringed walls is anyone’s guess. What purpose does this resting zone serve? Why are there free-roaming entities watching for intruders? Who are these inner core Souls locked down for exceedingly long periods of time, and held within break-out proof thought forms? What could contain these Souls? None are new to this cycle; all are incredibly old and dangerous.

Tonight’s retrieval began with some stress and a bit of anxiety. I have been internally pushed to continue these dark zone deep dives. My work here is hard and short. I thought it best to get started, so I got set up and started the process of relaxing, focusing, and visualizing the plan for phase-outs from the meditation chair to the hallways of the dead. With a deep breath, I recreate each stopping point, focus energy on the intent to phase, take a breath, and while exhaling, feel the textures of the destination.

I finally completed each stop, and checked them out, particularly my café, Café Miranon, at the gateway between here and there. I like to check in and see if it is being used as a stop-by for traffic into and out of the Human Energy Systems. Five tables were occupied. Business was good. Great coffee—no charge! Then on to the Afterlife Energy Ring or as others describe, the City of Lights, the Park—the processing center for entering and exiting Souls. Everyone is in transition.

The park is beautiful with a vibrant layout of plants, flowers, trees, and stone-pebbled walkways. There are stone benches to sit on, relax, and watch the back-and-forth of both residents and visitors.

On entering the Afterlife Energy Ring, I called out asking for four Helpers to help me with the retrieval work. They stepped forward, and I was happy No. 1 was there, always standing on my right, very protective.

He reminds me of a small dragon who perched, with cold tentacles touching my ear and mind, when I released it back to its home last year. I could not say goodbye to an ally who became a friend over hundreds of thousands of years. So, I asked him if he was willing to go fully into the Light. A big “no” came back. Its home was not a place of light. The next day he was gone, and I spent half a year healing my energy and physical bodies from where it perched.

— Kevin Jeffers