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I settled into meditation, knowing that when the body signals started, it was time to shift out to my destination. This time I went to the 15th ring, a place with no future and no past, an endless Now. Within this space, I access the energies of creation shaping them by my intention and manifesting them into reality. The process does take time yet with clarified intention the process speeds up the results.

Within this endless Now, I see my formed intentions lined up as objects that are in the process of being actualized. Some of these are old, many are new. Each year reshapes the clarity and force of my intentions.

Also, within this endless Now is the opportunity to travel in times forward and backward that are aligned with locations, people, and events. For this visit, I decided to travel back to a time when I was incarnated as a Tibetan monk. This life reshaped my reality, realizing intellect is impressive but not the answer to a soul’s development. In this incarnation, the me-then was shaping a new series of incarnations adding emotion to intellect. The result in the proceeding lives was disastrous, with the soul incinerated, forgetful of its past intellectual achievements, now facing life with the channels of emotion at full throttle! I hesitate to remember these lives until the time came to balance my intellect with the strong pulls of hate/love/rage/jealousy to name a few. What is the value of intellect without love and compassion?

I stepped into the monk’s meditation and observed his meditations. They were colorful and strung together with symbols I sensed but did not understand. It looked like he was moving through, or shifting, into a higher level of superconsciousness. I was very surprised when I arrived at the 15th ring without seeing each other. Past time was blending with present time. He looked at me and smiled. Dream or meditation he knew who I was. And I was he.

Though I had visited Tibet a number of times before, this was my first glimpse of the vibrancy and colors of life in a Tibetan monastery.

I wanted to push into his own perceptions of reality, but I was seen in his space as a character in a meditation. There was recognition but no entry for him. I wondered then what he would think about the results of his modeling his Self’s future self.

Then it was time to return to Homebase and I did so. I planned to return and have a real conversation with an advanced soul who knew the steps in access to higher planes but was short of emotional responses.

— Kevin Jeffers