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I went into a healing process to clean my filters. When it was completed, I started the progression to the City of Lights, next I shifted consciousness to the Earth Energy System ring, then the City of Black Lights, through all of the rings for safety, then finally to the City of Lights. It was smooth. I felt stronger after the past few weeks. I went into the Park and it was peaceful. I even ventured to the place where souls transit in their bodies, but did not go too close.
The voice said to meet in the park and select helpers. My two team members came in; thankfully Alphia had a name. I really wanted to know how to say the sorceress’s name. It seemed it was Druid/Welsh, or a mystery language.
I stepped out and touched the yellow bus and it materialized there. It was used for better containment, more security for travelers, and seat belts for the children. I did not want any dropping out over the belief system territories.
All good, the helpers went in. I thanked them, then merged with the bus and phased to twenty-three smoothly.
There was a group of children waiting there, ready to go. I stepped out of the bus and asked my helpers to round up the kids and clear them for their destination. We all helped, and a line of very damaged children started climbing in.
I closed the doors and phased to City of Lights, but nothing happened.
I asked the helpers how many children made it from the gray zone to the bus. Forty-three. Bus overload? No idea. There were three, then four restarts. Something clicked and the bus moved and landed in the City of Lights.
The children were paired off with locals. I just watched, happy this trip was smooth and productive, and I started thinking of the potential for larger migrations into the City of Lights on a jet plane or a star ship. There are millions of Souls in that place. In here -now time, people that die are being replaced as quickly with new births. There is little consensus on the death experience. No preparation as such. A huge mess that is over my pay grade currently.
It was time to learn more about the City of Lights. A deeper understanding of the process needed to be researched.
I phased back to one and fell asleep in the chair.