Reflection from 11-27-21 at 2:30 AM



Tonight, the direction of my inquiries was of a meditation on the retrieval work that I have been engaged in over the years. I needed to find a way to lift the lost souls who crowd the 2nd through 5th rings of the astral planes wrapped around the earth. Generally, our cultural beliefs consign our dead to some unreachable destiny, a happy ending with a wish and a prayer for them as our memories fade. The dearest to us and farthest ones from us that we have known become photos in our minds, set to rest framed in our love on shelves, desks, and mantelpieces.
As my consciousness shifted from Homebase to the lowest ring, the 2nd, I reached out to the lost. How could I touch them without seeing them? How can retrieval be effective without awareness or touch?
These rings are often a muted dark and gray fog, dense clouds of vapor, forcing me to sharpen my focus and connection. Usually, the shift to the higher planes of consciousness brings a clarity of vision and intent that brightens my energetic body, then translates onto each ring, providing the light needed to collaborate with the souls there. To retrieve, you must see, feel, and touch. To do so opens you to the vibrancy of the soul, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes hanging as an energetic cloud of emotions.
The manner of dead is not always confusion. Often mass deaths in accidents, diseases, and war include children. The child’s energetic bodies, shredded by violence, deformed by disease, and those beaten by parents retain the purity of soul that lifts them into the Light.
My decision to shift directly out to the lower planes forced my consciousness in a new direction. The acceleration of the frequency that shaped my soul needed to be sharply increased or I would move through these rings as a ghost myself, unseeable, unknowable by the souls residing there. I must move as they move, see as they see, joining each of them in their fears, confusion, pain, and worries. To reach them you must touch them, regardless of what you encounter in a retrieval.
The dead vibrate at a faster rate than the energy of the living. They are not to be feared. We often reach through their energetic bodies, sometimes feeling discomfort or an emotional wave. To those of us still in the physical, there is a sense of completing their experience as they wait to transition to the Light.
Death is the release of the soul from the dense physical body. Its originally created form expresses itself on the upper rings of consciousness. When humans transition into their Total Self, the earth and its embrace will be left behind. We no longer see them.
Their vibrational rate becomes fast, and unencumbered by physicality as they drift out of the discarded body, either to stay in the earth’s energy or move outward to the higher rings. Sometimes on death, the soul is enwrapped in the light and love of someone strong enough to transition into the lower planes—a family member, a loved one. Rarely but sometimes, they are embraced and guided to the Light by an angelic being.
What sparks the transition from death into the Light? The creation of the new human consciousness on the 34th ring will encapsulate the Earth energy system and realign the awareness of the soul to its original form as designed and realized by the Creator. Slowly the incarnated soul will release from the endless cycles of life decisions by survival into growth and soul enrichment. As we incarnate into the earth we do so to learn, to finish karmic business, to weaken the chains that hold us to the rebirth cycle of life after life.
Thus, we depart from the earth’s energy embrace and into our true form, our original Self, withdrawing into the upper planes of consciousness and freedom from the rebirth cycle.
The Soul, on the death of its physical being, carries with its life experiences and knowledge, regardless of content, and merges with the accumulation of their past life experiences into their Total Self. They are not in death what they are in the living spirit of the Total Self.
Rings 1 through 5 are the progressive merging of human soul with the energy flow of accelerating consciousness. Within these rings of consciousness, the soul prepares itself for departure out of the Earth energy system into the faster vibration of light. Faster and faster their energy structure accelerates as they step out of their energetic bodies into the original Light form of their essential Self.
How to assimilate this knowledge with the retrieval work?
Openness to change and knowledge in an area generally mystified and then ignored.
Openness to accepting the experiences of retrieval as a viable method of soul recovery.
Assisting others to merge into the Light of their true Self.