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It was the day after Aunt Berna’s death. I was in a Voyager class process, deep in relaxation moving to Place of Meditation. Everything felt right and many spaces opened to move within. I chose to go where Berna was located for a retrieval. Not sure she was ready, but I did not like her to stay there for long.

Transition takes time as the Soul is repaired and oriented to move into the next phase of Soul growth. On arrival, the recently transitioned Soul from life to death (death now a new life) is for those who passed from traumatic, long illnesses and violence and an exceedingly difficult process. Many souls wait for clearance to move on to their next destination.

I asked for help from one of the caretakers in finding her location. A Helper, one of many there, led me to where she was located. Berna was quiet and not self-aware. Being immobile pointed to her confusion upon passing.

I kneeled (yes, kneeled) and began to talk to her in a quiet soothing voice. I talked about when I was a child and her kindness, always taking time to hug and cheer me. Later when I was in college, she would send occasional financial help. $40-50 was effective on a broke student.

As I spoke, she became more defined and aware. A bright star appeared over her shoulder. It was my Soul supervisor, possibly a portion of my higher Self. This spirit was a very bright star placed in the form of a person, though not in a definite form. He (the spirit seemed like a “he”) listened to my words with Berna. I would repeat again and again my appreciation of her and her care.

Berna became more vivid. Some color and shape came into her, losing the gray light surrounding her. I asked her if she would like to move on to the Light. I was not getting a response though her color was returning. I thought she might be ready for a full transition to The Park where an intake area accepted new arrivals for sorting. I looked up at the bright star and nodded approval of the decision. I explained I would be holding her then gently picked her up. I quickly transitioned to the receiving station at The Park). Two people there accepted her.

Then the bright star stood by me as I watched her being taken to the next step. He then said to me I was now Mature. This seemed to me I was now considered mature and dependable, not an amateur. He said it was time to return to my life. He did not tell me his name. I was too overwhelmed by the experience to think straight. I was elated and something had changed inside me. I have called him Bright Star from then on. I knew what that meant.

My classroom or life process was not finished. I said “ok” and then rejoined the meditation. I spent the next thirty minutes reviewing the experience. And mostly re-experiencing the feeling of the simple words of approval that flowed from the Bright Star. The acceptance of the Bright Star was the real start of my work. Many gates opened; a few closed on those words.