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I arrived at City of Lights and immediately recruited Helpers and pulled the Bullet from the folds of time and energy that surround this place.

No. 1 was there, and I asked her to go into the Bullet and clean it of any attachments/thought forms or visitors. She stepped out, all clear. I did not trust the security of the bus though now the Bullet always arrived clean of implants. I talked to the Helpers explaining this was a run into the inner rings. I gave them, as always, a chance to opt out.

Once on board, we all phase shifted to the Afterlife Energy Ring. I unloaded helpers from the Bullet and stepped out. I spent time meeting the retrievals. Each time here I recommit myself to being with them, seeing their dreams, and hearing about their lives and their ending if that was known. I prefer to keep a distance as I did at the beginning. That does not work here. Or does not work very well.

With No. 1, I was led to a specific recovery. I saw a man, back arched backward, mouth open, eyes extended, neck muscles pulled tight. Frozen in place.

He had drowned and was stiff, immovable though some sense said he was self-aware. I reached inside his chest and touched him. He was drowning, panicked. He knew had to get out and get air. The drowning could be a disease or an event.

His name was Mark H. from Baltimore MD. 28 years old. He died in 2008 or 2018.

Water filled his lungs as he endlessly tried desperately to get out of the water that entrapped him and get air.

I spoke to him. I said I was a doctor and would help him and get him to an emergency service.

I touched his hand. I felt consent as we phase-shifted to the Bullet. I asked No. 1 to sit by him. As I was specifically directed to him, he was, at least to me, special.

The Bullet filled, all on board, and we phased to the City of Lights.

Immediately we unloaded the passengers. As usual, everyone was met by Helpers, family, and friends. No. 1 walked out with Mark, our retrieval, and brought him to two white-clothed medics. They escorted him out to the exit portal. I then thanked the helpers.

Pushed the Bullet back to its house.

I quickly returned to home base. 157,132 retrievals.

–Kevin Jeffers