Design representing the entry of Spirit into The Pattern

Design representing the entry of Spirit into The Pattern

Working with Spirit for the past 50 years, I decided to publish this book to share some of my spiritual experiences. In the environment where I grew up, people generally did not talk about spiritual experiences outside of religion and church. From childhood, I became accustomed to remaining very quiet about what was for me an ongoing connection with Spirit. I now feel inclined to open up about my experiences and what I have learned from them. At its heart, the information shared in this book confirms who we all are—developing souls continually shaped into complex, evolving consciousness. Earlier in my life, fragmented data came into my consciousness from Spirit. These fragments of spiritual reality built into a construct of the personality of who I am in this life. I became adept at expressing the energy of Spirit in spiritual readings and healings as a teenager.


I was later drawn to various cities, temples, churches—usually, but not always, places of worship.

A temple in India, an ancient learning center in China, monolithic structures in Europe, cathedrals, works of art—everything I encountered added to my swiftly expanding personal reality.

I searched for years, examining scripture, holy text, and myriad beliefs.

I read everything I could get my hands on, including Castaneda, the theosophic writings of Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, the mysticism of Rudolf Steiner, and the revelations of Buddhism and Christianity.]

I visited and prayed in Tibet’s most distinguished monasteries and temples, walked through the past glories of Rome and India.

”Photo of a key past life: The Longxing Monastery or Longxing Temple (simplified Chinese: 隆兴寺; traditional Chinese: 隆興寺; pinyin: Lóngxīng Sì) is an ancient Buddhist monastery located in the town of Zhengding in Hebei Province, China

”Photo of a key past life: The Longxing Monastery or Longxing Temple (simplified Chinesetraditional ChinesepinyinLóngxīng Sì) is an ancient Buddhist monastery located in the town of Zhengding in Hebei ProvinceChina

Throughout Europe and Asia, I entered the small ancient places of worship that radiated with the accumulated power of prayer and focused intention.

Moment by moment, piece by piece, I re-experienced past lives, recovering the sundered remnants of that which was “I,” recreating the puzzle of Self.

The search for Spirit gradually became the work of my life, my grail, an achievement I believed to be worthy of a life’s commitment.

While the raw material was available to shape a reunion with my Self, there was no coherence or interconnectedness until I consciously learned how to redirect my focus into my interior Self.

Then, a continuous flow of fragmented moments of “now” redirected to an outward flow of consciousness, building the story of my life.

My story in this book speaks to the visions and experiences of one soul’s recreation of eternal consciousness as I evolved from an inward-flowing focus towards a singularizing identity expressed within the eternal presence of Spirit.

The title of this book refers to a singularly moving experience I had with what I now call the Pattern.

The Pattern was, for me, an effort by Spirit to describe an ineffable state of Being, ephemeral yet impactful.

Though I had a vivid and deeply internalized experience of the Pattern, I also realized I was being slowly directed to approach an expanded consciousness for many decades of my personal spiritual journey.

I learned that the Pattern is the consciousness of all created Beings, designed to shape and uplift the numerous levels and forms of consciousness into a unified, integrated Self.

My experience with the Pattern elevated my awareness to new, vast horizons. Until that time, I did not know these layers of consciousness existed.


I first experienced the Pattern as a layered construct shaping the dreams of my reality, eternally moving from the “here” to the “there.”

Endless layers of sparkling light linked to all forms of consciousness as an interwoven pattern of awareness. As the years passed, the Pattern became present when I needed it most.

It was a fundamental explanation of where I lived and grew, expanding my consciousness of Spirit from self-indulgence into Spiritual growth, then into a subtle partnership.

It is clear to me that nothing happens here–nothing–without the active consent of Spirit.




natalia sokolova
natalia sokolova
August 18, 2023
Inspiring Loved the book. Opens my eyes to new insights
susan amsden
susan amsden
February 5, 2023
Have You Experienced the Pattern Yet? Wow, I thought this book was amazing! As a healer, near-death experiencer, and soul traveler, the author is a wayshower to help us realize our potential to experience higher expanded consciousness. Plus, his book is a fascinating read about the past lives that he actively connected with by extensively traveling around the world to the actual locations. Also included are phenomenal healings and his innovative Soul retrieval work (check out the Ukraine example!). The Soul retrieval work can benefit all of humanity as it reduces the number of lower vibrational ‘stuck’ souls that haven’t yet gone into the Light. This could very well assist us towards the tipping point many have been looking forward to.Have you experienced the Pattern yet? I hope you not only read but also experience this book and see if you are not changed for the better because of it. Kevin Jeffers is the real deal!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
February 1, 2023
Deep, real, authentic and easy reading A well written thesis on the intricate subject of consciousness. It speaks to the readers from a unique background and a refreshing breath of experience. I found it to be compelling as well as an easy read. A must read for anyone who is in search of an in depth understanding of consciousness. His explanations were so real that even before I could finish the book I found myself experiencing the pattern he described so well. Norma E.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
January 30, 2023
An Amazing Exploration I have read many spiritual books over the years. This book seemed different and inspired. It has a wisdom and maturity of understanding that I have not felt before from other writers. The author gave many examples from his own life and direct personal experiences that were compelling. The explanations about the “Pattern” have really made me think about the grand design that we are all part of. This book was beautifully written and I will keep re-reading it to understand even deeper.
Samuel Casillas
Samuel Casillas
January 24, 2023
Makes me think deeply about God This book taught me very interesting things about how the spiritual world works. It makes me think deeply about God and growing as a soul. The stories from the author's life are amazing and inspiring. I highly recommend this book.


Written over thirty years and newly revised in this edition, The Pattern describes Kevin Jeffers' direct experiences of higher Consciousness.

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The heart of the book is a discussion of a life-changing event that changed Kevin’s perception of life in Spirit. When meditating, Kevin encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, Society, and the Uplift of Consciousness on the planet Earth.