Grace and Prayer



Perhaps this perspective might come across as somewhat religious, but it aligns with my personal experiences. There appears to be an element of grace when you reach out to Spirit and seek forgiveness or relief from the burdens and challenges in your life. Spirit does indeed listen, but it won’t take action until you make the request. Some might consider this a form of prayer, although it’s essential to distinguish between genuine prayer and merely presenting a wish list to the spiritual realm, such as wishing for a new car or a better job.

True prayer involves more than just making requests; it entails taking action in your own life to align with your desires. When you ask for something, Spirit may inquire about the efforts you’ve made to manifest that desire. In essence, if you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the rewards. This concept is akin to a different interpretation of the Law of Attraction, where your actions play a vital role in attracting the outcomes you seek.

–Kevin Jeffers