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This book provides a roadmap to spiritual freedom and liberation, reflecting on the author's journey as a soul traveler, healer, and energy specialist. It explores unique paths of consciousness, guiding readers toward personal enlightenment.

From an early age, Kevin Jeffers encountered many unexplained experiences and phenomena that have expanded to include consciousness shifting, soul retrieval, past life recovery, energetic healing, and soul travel.

When meditating, Kevin encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, society, and the Uplift of Consciousness on the planet Earth. In his thirties, Kevin started writing a book that eventually became titled as The Pattern: An Exploration of Consciousness.  The heart of the book is a discussion of this life-changing event that changed Kevin’s perception of life in Spirit.  Much of his book is written as a stream of consciousness directly from Spirit.


This is what the Author Experienced

As I shifted consciousness from a body into a subtler state of awareness, my energetic core first became aware of a deep, luminous blackness unrestricted by time or space. Adjusting to this vision, I slowly focused my attention and found myself in a dimensionless field of clear blue and white lines of energy intersecting each other, forming a grid—an energy grid that permeated and embraced all consciousness.

Kevin saw—in a vivid array of emotions, energies, colors and data points—that the work of Spirit is a partnership with evolving forms of consciousness.

Kevin was shown the seemingly endless universal shift of consciousness from newly-seeded life form to full enrollment into a universe of identities, each committed to the uplift of consciousness and the eventual merging with “all that is.”

This book is based on these experiences, highlighting many with verifiable events and situation.

Kevin is an artist by inclination and eventually by training earning various degrees in art.

These included a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Art Education from the Chicago School of the Art Institute and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kevin’s artwork focusing on sculpture was exhibited in many galleries.

Kevin has traveled the world, working in advertising, design, and construction finance. He is also writing an additional book about his incredible and wonderful experiences of Soul Retrieval, a committed practice he has been involved in for many years.



natalia sokolova
natalia sokolova
August 18, 2023
Inspiring Loved the book. Opens my eyes to new insights
susan amsden
susan amsden
February 5, 2023
Have You Experienced the Pattern Yet? Wow, I thought this book was amazing! As a healer, near-death experiencer, and soul traveler, the author is a wayshower to help us realize our potential to experience higher expanded consciousness. Plus, his book is a fascinating read about the past lives that he actively connected with by extensively traveling around the world to the actual locations. Also included are phenomenal healings and his innovative Soul retrieval work (check out the Ukraine example!). The Soul retrieval work can benefit all of humanity as it reduces the number of lower vibrational ‘stuck’ souls that haven’t yet gone into the Light. This could very well assist us towards the tipping point many have been looking forward to.Have you experienced the Pattern yet? I hope you not only read but also experience this book and see if you are not changed for the better because of it. Kevin Jeffers is the real deal!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
February 1, 2023
Deep, real, authentic and easy reading A well written thesis on the intricate subject of consciousness. It speaks to the readers from a unique background and a refreshing breath of experience. I found it to be compelling as well as an easy read. A must read for anyone who is in search of an in depth understanding of consciousness. His explanations were so real that even before I could finish the book I found myself experiencing the pattern he described so well. Norma E.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
January 30, 2023
An Amazing Exploration I have read many spiritual books over the years. This book seemed different and inspired. It has a wisdom and maturity of understanding that I have not felt before from other writers. The author gave many examples from his own life and direct personal experiences that were compelling. The explanations about the “Pattern” have really made me think about the grand design that we are all part of. This book was beautifully written and I will keep re-reading it to understand even deeper.
Samuel Casillas
Samuel Casillas
January 24, 2023
Makes me think deeply about God This book taught me very interesting things about how the spiritual world works. It makes me think deeply about God and growing as a soul. The stories from the author's life are amazing and inspiring. I highly recommend this book.


Written over thirty years and newly revised in this edition, The Pattern describes Kevin Jeffers' direct experiences of higher Consciousness.

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The heart of the book is a discussion of a life-changing event that changed Kevin’s perception of life in Spirit. When meditating, Kevin encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, Society, and the Uplift of Consciousness on the planet Earth.