Karma is an immutable concept…



Karma is an immutable concept, meaning it cannot be changed. It entails the idea that you will receive in return what you put out into the universe, whether it happens immediately or in the future. This principle is rooted in the balance of energy, where negative and positive energies can coexist. However, when we disrupt this balance through certain actions, we create disharmony, which can lead to adverse consequences such as misfortune, illness, accidents, job loss, or the breakdown of relationships.

From my perspective, this can be understood as a form of energy balancing. Nevertheless, there is an aspect of grace involved in this process. When we reach out to the spiritual realm and seek forgiveness or relief from life’s burdens, the spiritual forces do listen. However, they won’t take action until we actively request it. This can be seen as a type of prayer, but it goes beyond merely listing our desires; it involves taking meaningful steps in our lives to align with the changes we seek. In essence, you have to put in the effort to reap the rewards. It’s a different perspective on the Law of Attraction, emphasizing that action is essential to achieving your goals.

–Kevin Jeffers