On a Difficult Life



Some people—many people—have a very difficult life. But then I step back and look at what I see, and I realize that they chose that life. They chose that level of difficulty. It’s like when you go into the masters or the pros, the level of difficulty increases proportionally. You’re not in the backyard playing baseball; you’re in the big leagues. You are playing baseball with professionals, and it demands more skill and attention.
That’s what life is. You decide to come in with a set amount of skills, energy, and talent to accomplish your goals. Maybe you want to accomplish greater goals, but you have limited resources. So, how do you accomplish a greater goal with limited resources? You stress, you push, you intend to accomplish those goals.

Those goals that you want to accomplish are built like a blueprint for your life. Your current life is a blueprint for accomplishing something. Maybe what you need to accomplish is to be poor or experience violence. I realize that’s a brutal look at life. People scratch their heads and ask, “How can you say that?” I say it’s simple because you’re an immortal being. Your soul is forever. When you go into the higher levels of consciousness, nothing can touch you because you’re a Creator.

But when you come to Earth, you’re not a Creator anymore. You’ve just entered into the predator world. You have to survive; you have to eat; you have to find shelter. There’s a lot that you have to do when you come to this Earth. This is true for every form of consciousness, whether it’s an animal, a frog, or plants. Even rocks have consciousness, and they have their own battles of consciousness. It’s all about the uplift of consciousness on the planet Earth to bring us to the next level of reality.

We’re working hand in glove with everything to accomplish that uplift of consciousness. What we’re going through now is a shifting in our realities, an uplift of consciousness. We’re seeing a lot of crazy stuff, but we’re also seeing a lot of good stuff. The polarization in the world, the struggle between those who want to be in charge and those who want to be left alone to live their lives, the righteous and the not righteous—this polarization is nothing more than humanity’s struggle to lift consciousness above what it came into.