Retrieval after Death



Freedom from cultural restraints opens the door to experiencing higher planes of consciousness of not what we believe, but as they actually are. Our general inclination is to frame non-ordinary experiences to match what we believe in.

Begin your travels by setting aside the notion that an Angel or Guide must be present to intervene directly on behalf of an individual’s iteration of consciousness that is a singular life. We each, belong to ever greater hierarchies of Beings that guide us in and beyond who we think we are. Recovery will originate with our greater self.

When we transition into higher frequencies of Being, many, if not most, move on to the next stage of their journey into the Light. We process the life experienced,  recovering from the wonders and horrors that is the fate of living a lifetime on this earth. Others who have passed on remain bound to the earth energy system which is thinly veiled from the world of the living.

For some the inability to full move into the Light is traumatic and confusing. Our passage into the Light from damaging or traumatic death, violence, drugs, inebriation, death in infancy or early childhood may stop our transition. Some are bound to earth due to damaging behavior. The result is an attachment anchored to our past physical life. Others may refuse to move on because they are too entranced with physical life or very attached to those still living. A person may die under any of these circumstances and still have no problems moving on. The key seems to be expectation and focus on the Light.

Those who remain attached to the lower frequencies of the physical world enter into a sort of limbo. None of us are guaranteed any particular protection or assistance. Who we are determines our experiences after death.

It is part of the education provided to our Soul to resolve the choices of life we make and often fail. Recovery is sometimes are loved ones who find us. Sometimes a part of our greater self, our Total Self comes for us when it is determined that we have wandered and struggled long enough. Sometimes a being unconnected to our life story, someone serving the greater good gives us a hand.

Then sometimes we become prey to darker souls.

And sometimes, we cease to be.