Retrieval from 12-20-20 7:20 a.m.



I arrived at the City of Lights via the Expansion Point and the Edge of Human Experience, then to the Park. All was quiet. I took a breather and used the energy flow from here to revitalize myself in body and soul. Then I brought the infinity bus to this present time. It looked great, seemingly taking on a personality. I felt it to be ready and eager with a very happy look, although how could that be on a bus?
I asked for six helpers in the event it was a busy trip. They stepped up and Alphia was there with her beautiful, shining smile. It seemed everyone gave her a bit of space when she walked forward. I asked for her blessings and they were well received. I wanted to give her a peck on her cheek, but this seemed a bit presumptuous as I began to get a glimpse of who she is.
I chatted with the helpers. Our objective was simple work today: go in and board whoever wants to go. Talk with them, tell jokes, keep the mood light. After all, they are going out of this murky place into the Light. Everyone agreed and NVC energy showed acceptance and willingness. Only Alphia could speak words into my head which was interesting.
Everyone boarded. I laughed at that. There was no need to board anything, or have a bus, or drive. It seems I need emotional and mental support in my new activities. I know eventually I can frame the destination and be there. Not today.
Phased into the Realm of Disorientation. Things are different today. There are queues of people. I noted these are children and the old. Someone was listening. Many of the elderly were bent out of shape from waiting and how they died. I was glad to get them on board and moved to their new home. I asked the Helpers to start the work and they all merged into the bus. People were boarding at an astonishing rate.
I walked out of the bus and merged with the waiting people. Chatting, touching a shoulder in reassurance, saying again and again, “We are going into the Light. Keep moving onto the bus.” I sometimes wonder if what I am saying is heard and understood. These are people from all over the world.
I called out again, and again. People kept moving into the bus. They had a ticket in hand with their retrieval number. I think this is window dressing for myself—a prop for me to work with what is happening. This new sense of organization is comforting and seems symbolic that they are getting their ticket punched on a trip to the City of Lights.
I saw a girl in the crowd who seemed a bit lost. She looked between 8 to 9 years old. I could tell she Had been here for many years because the color of her form was aging. I perceive them as going to a darker gray and moving very little if they had been waiting for a while for their recovery. I asked her name. I started doing this now to validate the retrieval. She said her name was Emily and this came through very strong. And last name? She seemed to be saying Ferguson. She had lived in Atlanta, Georgia. When playing near her apartment door, she accidentally fell down the stairs and woke up in the Realm of Disorientation. She did not understand where she was or when she died.
I helped her into the bus and phased out to the City of Lights. The transfer was clean. Without issues, we landed and unloaded. I walked Emily out to a Helper waiting for her. She refused to go with the Helper who seemed to be a very nice person. So, Emily and I walked down a path that led to her transition point, shaped as a door. I am not versed on what was on the other side, which was fine with me. After these recoveries, the focus of my intention thins out a little.
The doorway was sheeted over in some kind of chrome-looking cover. The color shifted in hues of white, silver, blue, and red. I had no interest in trying it out, at least for now. I just found out during this trip that there were doors and pathways leading off the Park, each with its own tickets and lines. This makes sense. The space here I am told is infinite.
I said goodbye to Emily and released her hand to the Helper and they walked through the mist. Emily gave me one more look over her shoulder, then disappeared through the door covering.
I turned and went back to the bus, pushing it back into nothingness. I asked my Team about the retrieval count. The response seemed like another tall tale: 12,528 retrieved souls. I just shook my head, thinking I would sort this out another time. Now I was tired, and the wake-up alarm was ringing.
Phased out to Edge of Human Experience, Expansion Point, then Homebase. I have no interest in doing baby steps anymore.