You have the power to decide….



You have the power to decide how you experience each moment of your life; every moment is a choice. Your interactions with others, whether it’s a fellow human being or the plant behind you, have a profound impact on the overall quality of consciousness expressed on our planet. Every action you take is a crucial component of the expression of Spirit.

However, we often find ourselves constrained by the structures and beliefs related to time, which prevent us from fully realizing the extent of our influence. We fail to recognize that our choices and actions can indeed make a significant difference in the world. Our lives have a far-reaching impact on the totality of consciousness, but this awareness eludes us.

To truly unify as a collective consciousness, we must work together and support those who are struggling in their lives, helping them transition into a better existence. When I speak of a better life, I’m not necessarily referring to financial wealth; instead, I mean a life where individuals can perceive and experience the presence of Spirit in their daily existence.

–Kevin Jeffers