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I woke up as usual, ignoring the 12:00 / 2:00 / 4:00 retrieval work calls. I read a little news and came across news with a photo of a six-year-old, who was abandoned by his mother in a forest, and then run over. The mom drove off and returned to find he was dead. Later, authorities said he died of a massive head concussion. She picked him up and drove him home. She and her husband, the boy’s stepfather, took him to a river and threw him in it. He had not been found.

The pull of this retrieval was strong and could not be ignored. This was a personal retrieval. I have trouble with parents who kill their children.

I went to City of Lights to clear my head and asked for two helpers if they were needed and went back to the “float” areas between Earth and the After Life Energy Ring. He was not on the After Life energy Ring yet; his death and trauma had not pushed him up to it yet.

Finding him was not difficult. I had a name, a photo of the boy and location. I focused on that and was pulled to his murder site. He was walking up and down waiting for his mom to come back and get him, not knowing he was dead or that mom would never be coming back. I said hello and we chatted a little. He was wary of strangers but eventually let me hold his hand. I said his mom was down the road and we would walk there to find her. He agreed. After he was settled down, I phased to the City of Lights and landed smoothly. I then handed him over to a helper group and asked them to take care of him. They just stared for a moment, then understood what I did not. One asked me where the rest of him was. I had brought back his energy / astral body! Feeling some chagrin and embarrassment, I phased to After Life Energy Ring in the unlikely event he was there. I landed and sent out a call for him. As half expected he was there.

Then I phased back to where he died, up the river flowing south. I found his body entangled in the roots of trees that grew close to the river. I saw something crouching over him that seemed to be feeding on his core. An attachment that he had been the focus of for some time, not a river spirit. It had grown large, ignoring me as I approached. Yes, the boy’s soul / second energy body was still in the boy’s lifeless body.

I pushed the attachment away and he ignored me. Then I pulled out the Tre’ Noc and held to its “face.” That got its attention and it stopped its feeding and froze as though hypnotized. Then I reached into the boy’s body and pulled out the core/second energy body. This done, I decided to bring the parasite to the City of Lights with the boy. I phased to the City of Lights and was met by the same Helpers standing there waiting for me to finish the work.

They were all smiles and brought the two bodies back together and exited through the portal to the Healing Institute. I then asked for another helper to take the parasite somewhere other than Earth. One agreed to do this and guided the parasite attachment to another portal. For all I knew they were moving back to Earth but I did not want to know about that.

With my work done, I turned and phased back to home base. The sadness of the boy’s life and death stayed with me throughout the day.