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I asked for Bastinian and another older Helper to be with me as we entered the After Life Energy Ring. I walked through the ring gates watching the landscape, cautious of what may happen. In the outer rings, you must expect the unexpected as varieties of different forms of consciousness. We approached the third inner ring gate. The gate was pushed in and destroyed. The blasted gates hung uselessly to the side of the entrance.

We walked through all three of the ring gates, and even the inner ring gate was broken open. I looked inside and could see many soul containment cages; these were all quite different. My read was that this was the inner prison where dangerous expressions of consciousness were restrained in energy fields. Some of the cages were broken open. Others were occupied.

I had a soul retrieval to make and turned left and saw the retrieval number just ahead of me glowing in a soft yellow light. The number matched my list. My retrieval was just ahead of me in the ground behind a circular iron gate. I opened the unlocked gates and looked inside.

The dark sky made seeing inside difficult, yet I sensed this prison was incredibly old. I had an impulse to pull out my walking stick and it started to shine brightly. With the stick, I could see everything ahead of me—every detail, every brick, every crack. My sense of smell sharpened and age permeated the walls—a mustiness that increased as we descended.

We continued down the stone staircase that opened into a large hall. We saw an exceptionally large entity whose appearance seemed to mimic a dark-skinned blowfish. Sending danger made it expand like a hot air balloon. I asked his name and he said he was Betook, from a planet of the same name. No words, just very loud and clear patterns of energy that assembled into words in my head.

He was from outside the Human Energy System and stayed near Earth to watch it seed new forms of consciousness. He said he had been captured and caged from the time when dinosaurs were roaming this reality. Now he slept and dreamt of his home. The time he had been here was clear in how detailed his living space was, its size and construction.

I asked if he wanted to leave, and he approved the change. I then used the Tre’ Noc to lead us out and walked out into the open sky, then phased back to the Bullet. I asked him to grow smaller and he obliged, looking now more like a large fish, with the expanding bib structure but no stabilizing fin. He did not walk—he floated.

We got him seated as the retrievals filled the Bullet then phased back to the inner ring. I wanted to see again the breach gates. Was this the same setup as my After Life Energy Ring? I wanted/needed to see. We entered through the broken gate. A few of the containment cages had been breached. Most still help their occupants, and these were of many colors, sizes, and types. This was the place of the extremely dangerous (to the Managers) consciousnesses.

I heard a sound just in front of me and to the right. A hissing sound spoke to me through the narrow mouth attached to a sinuous lizard-like entity. I asked it what had happened there. He must have witnessed all of it. He said the containment cages were not well secured. It had been a long period without the Managers and his helpers being present. The place looked deserted.

I asked if he wanted to leave. His reply affirmed his agreement and with the Tre’Noc I popped open the lockss and reached out for his body. I could not find an arm, so I touched a neck, then phased to the Bullet. I got him seated. We finished loading. The retrieval count was plus/minus 575k.

I knew this was not my time but another fold of reality that corresponded with my After Life Energy Ring. This also suggested that phasing to City of Lights here would require my utmost concentration. I was surprised to find myself calm, managing the dangers in the phase, and finding the right approach.

I phased out and quickly found their City of Lights and unloaded the entities I could only see as fuzzy energy beings. Next came the Betook and the lizard person. They all had someone waiting. With the job done, I felt good. Now how did I find my fold in space? In reply I saw my personal information marker on my own City of Lights, clear and easy to read.

I phased to the City of Lights but could not land again, bouncing up and down from the ground until we landed. Not sure why it was so difficult to land. The phasing between energy folds in other realities is far enough apart to require a conscious, almost intuitive approach.

This After Life Energy Ring recovery was a lesson in the mismanagement of a system that had degraded into chaos. How were the other energy rings reacting to what was happening in that City of Lights? Or was the departure of the Managers a signal of deeper problems? Probably.

I sent the Bullet back and thanked each Helper.

I left and phased to the known focus areas. There were a lot of other After Life Energy Rings’ energies clinging to me. Stop by stop, I shed all there by the time I reached my edge of human consciousness.

A lesson, I think, in this retrieval: different life expressions existed in parallel realities, separated by consciousness, but all with the same purpose. Seeding new life, pointing each one to self-consciousness. Uplifting new forms of life to join the countless now here. There was a whole new thought in managing and working on broken systems.

What did I learn? Anything is possible.

My eyes now opened to varieties in consciousness. There were no restrictions shown to me in the layers of reality.

Life was inherently conscious of its own potential.

There was no beginning and no end.

Just continuous self-expression.