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I had a dream in which my Mother visited me. We chatted and enjoyed a festive and happy time. Then she said she had to leave. I asked, “Where?” She didn’t know the place but said I would have to find my way. Then she blinked out. In the morning I thought about this and decided to go to where she was and see her situation for myself. The partial house, repetitive behavior, and diminished capacity pointed me to the Shadowland. She was stuck. I reached out to her from the dream and promptly found her again. This time was for retrieval. I needed to build a case for her to move on to the Light. I did not want to lose her. 

The next night I relaxed, then moved my consciousness out of my body and started to scan the energy lines of the gap between here and there. Eventually, I found her residing in the Shadowlands where people who passed under difficult circumstances are directed to heal and balance their energy bodies. Functioning within a space of no time, healing could take centuries of Earth time, but in Spirit, this is a simultaneous transaction—a process that starts as seemingly it immediately ends. The logic of time does not fly here. This place is also a holding station between Earth and the City of Lights. When a soul is ready to move on to the Light, they are assisted in doing so.

Eventually after tracking her energy identification pattern, I found her location. Indeed, she was in the Shadowland!

I arrived at her kitchen. There was no house, backyard, or television room. There was only her beloved kitchen. I stood by the door and watched her. Not seeing a way to the Light, or even understanding there was a future for herself, she was happily cooking in her kitchen. Her awareness and mental strength were significantly diminished. Yet Mom was happily cooking in her kitchen, repeating the same meal again and again. Unaware of her repetitious cooking she smiled and hummed. There was only her kitchen. 

Mom (or now her essential Self) presented herself at about 55 years old, wearing her standard thick black framed glasses, brown curly hair, and her favorite sky-blue daily dress. 

When she finally saw and recognized me, she lit up. We chatted about going to the Light, something she had no interest in. This was a shock to me as she spent her life searching for Spirit and mentored me in esoteric books such as Steiner, Blavatsky, and the theosophists. She introduced me to the A.R.E. and read and reread The Aquarian Gospel. We discussed the angelic houses and she collaborated with me in sessions of self-hypnosis to relax and find my way to the inner planes where I could heal friends and understand the winding road that led to the Light. She introduced me to a hypnotist, and I had my first past life experience that explained one of the marks on my body. At 17, these were all powerful messages.

I repeated myself and again, holding her hand, with the message that she needed to hear. I said, “Let us walk into the Light,” without success. I decided then to simplify the message. I told her she could see her beloved older sister again. She had died with her name on her lips. Eventually, understanding she would see her sister again, then her mother and middle sister, she agreed to enter the Light. With initial reluctance to leave her house, we shifted to the City of Lights. (I decided then that in the future I would hold the severely damaged people close to me for security and comfort). 

Her mother and father (my maternal grandparents), sister, and others of her clan were there to greet her and help her fully transition into the Light. Happy and satisfied I shifted back to the meditation chair. Later, if appropriate, I will visit her again.

-Kevin Jeffers