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Early in the morning, I shifted consciousness to Ukraine to see if there was a need for assisted retrieval work. The target was a city block of residences that had been leveled by artillery shelling. The city was Mariupol.

I moved in and through the ruins of the recently demolished buildings, ignoring fires and heavy smoke. There were dozens of souls shocked into place by a transition that was fast and brutal. There was no preparation for their sudden deaths.

There were people both trapped inside the demolished building and dead. I saw the dead people were tethered to the building, unable to accept their transition. I pulled out many of them from deep in the building. Their essential energy bodies could be seen and felt. These I turned over to my fellow crew member, who shifted them to the Death Ring for repair, rest, and preparation for transit to the City of Lights in continuation of their journey, whatever that was.

I found a smoking cloud of ethereal particles in one location, drifting in the fresh rubble. There was no form or visible essence. I did not know what this was until, by searching and then focusing on the core energy body, I saw a woman, mid-80s, who while in her apartment had been hit by an artillery shell and instantly vaporized.

I could not grasp or touch her energy body. It ran through my fingers like fine sand. I could barely see it. Puzzled by this situation, I remembered a past-life experience of my own when I had been vaporized by an explosion of uncontrolled energy in Atlantis, as a Priest Scientist. The re-assembling of quark-like particles took centuries. My energy body had to be reframed and then the ethereal body restructured. There had been no retrieval, no reclamation. This had to be done by my higher Self, a hard lesson that could be used here. How to proceed?

Go back in time! Tag her energy particles before her death.

I rolled back my consciousness two days before her death, and visited and “tagged” her essential energy core so I could retrieve her destroyed energy body by retrieving her energy signature. Smoke or no smoke, the permanence of the essential self can be identified if there are energy tags.

I moved my consciousness back to my “now” position, there in the rubble, and reached out to touch the tags. This worked! Slowly I captured her essential core energy body, tag by tag, until I held her in my hands. Then I shifted myself to the Healing Center and handed her to the Healers who were ready to start their work.

— Kevin Jeffers