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Today it was difficult to enter the Afterlife Energy Ring. I attempted three times. Was I tired? Was my focus weak? We then landed and walked out to the kids. Most had experienced a traumatic death. Many had their physical bodies destroyed. Some showed torn energy fields. I turned this over to the Helpers.

No. 1 and I walked to the first ring but nothing was there for us. I asked No. 1 to check the retrieval list. She found our target in ring two. We went there and found a gate. With the passport, I opened it with the globe and looked in. No need; she was protected by the managers, not locked in a punishment cage.

I saw a woman of breathtaking beauty radiating a flow of energy. Every type of energy poured from her Soul body. I was stunned and automatically fell to my knees, pushed down by an unseen hand. Standing up awkwardly, I asked what she was doing in this place.

A data pack showed she was a fragment of her group Soul, a piece of Source. She was brought here as she became immobile from her fatigue in dealing with humans and life and wanted to stop living. She had no interest in feeling and experiencing life. She gave so much and was dry.

This place was her retreat, but Source wanted her back. I asked if she wanted to go to the light. She smiled and said nothing. She was the Light! I reached out and touched her arm, the connection rippled through my energy body. Inside my heart and Soul, doors opened; doors closed.

We went back to the Bullet. I do not remember; I was in a daze. So much energy, so much data. Such inherent beauty, innocence, and wisdom coiled in one form.

I gently asked her to sit. I felt like someone’s over-solicitous, protective mother. She was of Source, and I prayed I would learn something from this retrieval. Love and grace incarnated.

I did not place a restraint or containment on her; I knew she did not care either way. She was back into her inward visions. I asked her to wait. She responded with a smile.

I helped collect the kids, a strong retrieval effort. Everyone safely loaded, we phased to the City of Lights.

We offloaded the kids and the Lady. Now in my mind, she was the Lady, The Lady stepped out and was greeted by a crowd. They were awed, eyes wide in wonderment. They walked to a portal and disappeared.

I felt energized and went to the healing center. I went through a process, then lost focus remembering the Lady—a gift for me.

Soon I finished and returned.

— Kevin Jeffers