12-28 2:15 a.m.



Upon reaching the retrieval zone, it was deserted and devoid of any activity. The black zone also appeared vacant with no signs of life or objects. Consequently, the decision was made to proceed to the next retrieval zone. Upon arrival, a significant crowd was present, and everyone seemed prepared for action. This zone comprised entirely of gray areas, with no black zones in sight. After completing the retrieval task, which yielded over 15,000 retrievals, the bus was dispatched back while I headed towards the Monroe/library building. Inside, the polished gray/white marble floors led me to the Center’s Receptionist, who granted me access to the portal facilitating movement to various destinations. Stepping through, I found myself in Focus 34 (New Human Consciousness) instead of Focus 31, witnessing a diverse gathering of beings akin to a bustling amphitheater. This assembly, as described in Monroe sources, aimed to witness the emergence of higher human consciousness for the betterment of Earth. Despite initial disbelief in my progression, I refrained from participating, feeling hesitant and opting to explore later. After a brief departure to The Park, I returned to my meditation chair, pondering the extraordinary events I had encountered.