12-5-2020 after 4:00 a.m.



Today was what I am starting to call my dark day retrieval. I have been very curious to see if my sign-off on this work by a star being meant some change or alteration in my energy field, specifically the personal shield I build each visit. I learned from experience this is particularly important. And I wanted to know how that would work out.
I arrived at the City of Lights well ahead of the guidance voice and spent time working on my energy field. That done I was called to the Park and advised I needed to invite helpers to collaborate with me on the retrieval. I am all in with help. The fourth was as usual the well-armed (knives in particular) sorceress who watched my back. I took out my energy globe in my left hand, ready to use on arrival if needed.
I phased to the Realm of Disorientation, landing at the same location I always end up in. I am not sure if that is by coincidence or if I am pushed there. I do not believe in coincidences. I started walking and entered the gray area, looking for a retrieval target, but I knew they were somewhere ahead. I walked for what seemed like hours but was seven to nine minutes in real time. I stepped into the dark zone and none of the black material on the ground adhered to me. Now this is a change.
I walked deeply into the dark zone, easily bypassing the usual obstacles and then entered a very dark area where the souls entrapped in their pattern of self-punishment (or being treated and healed) waved about. They were continually active and dangerous. I asked one of the Helpers to help find the retrieval target. They nodded at one figure that had been watching me as I entered (I’m not sure they see the Helper!). That alone is an attention getter. It seems all the Souls in this sector are trapped in their energy patterns but are still aware of what is outside their internal struggle.
I inched closer, always cautious now. Then remembered the energy globe and held it up for the Soul to look at. The light caught her attention. Now I could see a strong-looking woman, dressed as a priestess with ornamentation on her clothing. I said she had been approved for removal. She did not reply, and I repeated the words again. Then she nodded. I stepped closer using the globe as a shield. I asked if she would allow me to hold her wrist. At this point, she looked resigned and relieved. She was leaving.
The punishment (self-created, a mirror of what she sent to others) unlocked and she stepped out a bit. I asked her name. She said she was called Isphea. She was a Chaldean high priestess and I felt she was devoted to Inanna. She was gifted with control of life and nature energy, particularly lightning. I had a feeling even then that she was annoyed by my not worshipping her! Times change and she had been locked in her negative pattern for over 2,000 years. Not a lot of time in “no-time” though a lot of time in the Human Energy System.
I gently held her wrist and she stepped out. I looked at the helpers, but they were looking at the thousands of struggling forms. I took a deep breath and phased to the City of Lights. Immediately on arrival, I turned her over to waiting Helpers. The work for the night was done.
I went back to personal space in the City of Lights then decided to try the portal in the Monroe building. I walked in and up the stairs to the back of the hallway where the portal sits. It had an exceptionally large, opalescent glass-like material. I looked around and no one was making a noise so I stepped through with an intention to go to Focus 35.
Never been there, did not know its coordinates but I knew it was out there somewhere. I stepped forward then bounced off its surface! A voice advised me I was not approved to go to Focus 35! I accepted this. I then took another deep breath. Breathing is not required here, but a habit is a habit. I focused on Focus 31 where I was last time and stepped through. Success! I was freely standing while gazing at large brilliantly lit cities, like gems. I felt no compulsion to visit them (at this time) and stayed a moment to watch then returned.
It was time to return and I did so step by step. Returning in steps is for me like decompression to a deep-sea diver. I need a sense of equilibrium and depressurization on the way back to the here and now.