2023 Beyond the Veil Summit – EXPLORING CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE PATTERN with Kevin Jeffers


This interview is part of the Beyond the Veil Summit, a free online event, held in 2023 from October 30-November 3. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Kevin Jeffers has been exploring Spirit for decades through meditation, soul retrieval, and consciousness shifting. His experiences have revealed that living beings are part of what he calls “The Pattern,” infinitely evolving and bound only by self-imposed beliefs. Join Kevin as he shares the knowledge of “The Pattern” to encourage us to let imagination be our compass and determination our sail, for every possibility awaits those who seek to be more than they think they are. From a young age, Kevin Jeffers has had numerous experiences of expanded consciousness, including consciousness shifting, soul retrieval, past life recovery, and energetic healing. While meditating, he encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, society, and the Uplift of Consciousness on the planet Earth. This profound experience, which he later called an experience of “The Pattern,” altered his perception of life in Spirit. In his thirties, inspired by these events, he began to write The Pattern: An Exploration of Consciousness, eventually published in early 2023. This book, largely a stream of consciousness from Spirit, delves into some of his many transformative experiences. Kevin’s mission is to guide others toward spiritual freedom through understanding the Pattern. In addition to his spiritual journey, Kevin is a trained artist and accomplished sculptor with degrees including a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Art Education from the Chicago School of the Art Institute, as well as a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Professionally, Kevin has ventured into diverse fields, from advertising and design to construction finance. He’s also authoring another book on Soul Retrieval, a practice he’s dedicated to for years, capturing his many decades of experiences in this realm. His spiritual experiences and downloads are continually published on his social media platforms and website.