4-7 at 4:00 a.m.



I resisted the pull to phase to the Realm of Disorientation most of the night. Getting a good night of sleep and rest powers my ability to move through these places.
I started out slow, but my first destination was the City of Black Lights when I had a request to the Manager there. I arrived and called the Manager. I asked for his opinion of the best shielding using black matter from that ring. He promptly replied. This must have been theatre for him. He already knew what my ask was and the results the ask would generate. It helps when you are not restricted by time or space. He said a black energy field around me, though effective, might be too slow to deploy when suddenly attacked like the last visit.
My next suggestion was a shield, but he pointed out that although it was effective for a frontal assault, it was useless when a rolling energy field was used because the wave of consciousness distortions hit the area I would be standing on. I didn’t know where to go at this point. Instead of making strange requests, he said, “Use this,” and brought out a round, black button-shaped device with energizing prongs. He said this unit will protect your whole body’s energy field at all times. It was to be deeply installed in my core and would always be on alert though not consciously present. I liked that. There are no alarms, just defensive action in response to threats. My worry was this Manager could track me or take an action that stopped my work.
I just had to relax and go with it – for me, a new level of protection would be needed until I fully experienced the range and capability of the PPG. I agreed to try it and he could remove it at any time as needed. He pushed the button deep into my chest and it sank into my energy field. I was worried about the effects of this new shield but I accepted it. It was better than the last result. I asked him the cost in energy credits, and he said, “Don’t worry about it. The costs are covered by a silent third party.” That got my attention. Who is bankrolling this work?
That completed I arrived at the City of Lights to organize a retrieval. I called out the Bullet and Fletch. I then called for the Helpers to retrieve the souls on the Realm of Disorientation who needed transport to the City of Lights. They numbered seventy-two helpers per vehicle. Why wait to increase capacity? And then I took the action needed to build a new transport vehicle. One more to add to the crew. I pulled the new one out of the energy fold it was built from. I would like to know who runs that workshop in the City of Black Lights, but I have no idea.
It was much larger in breadth and depth than the other two. It was also like a newborn, but soft and with a milky skin that slowly hardened into its final form. I felt like a new father. We needed a name for the new addition. Rolling through names in my head I found one that suited the work: Yojimbo, the ronin samurai in 1861 Japan who protected a village while being paid in shelter and food. Outlaw and friend. I liked it.
My unconscious mind prompted the need for additional recovery transport and that seemed like a good solution to work effectiveness. The locations that had been breached and demolished were increasing the number of retrievals of energy souls used by the houses. Without expanding my image of this reality, it could take centuries to clear the Realm of Disorientation of its slavery housing and energy factories. More and faster in this case was better. I invited Bastian and Clare to Captain the vessel as I sat in the back of Bullet and was experiencing for the first time what it is like to be transported from ring to ring.
With everyone boarded we phased to the Realm of Disorientation, landing perfectly. The phase was interesting, an amazingly fast movement through lights and shapes, all in a breath and then arriving at the pickup point. Both vehicles arrived and doors opened to greet the Children. I left the group taking two helpers from each ship as a backup to the next retrieval.
I asked for Spirit to point to my retrieval targets and found two. A girl, 5 years old, a Syrian Turk and Yazidi, targets of ISIS until ISIS was stopped by the Kurds. Her name is Sahina and she died from a bullet wound in her upper back.
Then I walked over to a very thin boy. His name is Moshina, an Eritrean, 10 years old who died from a single bullet wound in the chest. The bullet had bounced around and he died a slow death in a dirt lane next to his mother. He said an angel brought him here. He was very aware but had no understanding of where he had been.
We finished loading and returned to the City of Lights. Everyone was offloaded and I pushed the two transports back to their hanger.
I saw the third ship, Yojimbo, or Jimbo, and asked him to go to the City of Black Lights for advanced armaments and shielding. As the next generation he was faster, smarter, and comprehended immediately what was being said. Yojimbo was much faster than the original models.