A Black Hole Visit with No Support



My notes from a black hole visit with no support. I went alone. On entry, I immediately shifted into a thin curl of light and passed through without effort. The visuals were brighter and wonderful. The interior experience was one of a tourist gawping at the city lights. I passed through, reshaped into a bullet-like form, though light in weight and with a strong pulsing white light. I headed to the self-aware planets as they talked to each other. Large sounds, They were present in uncountable numbers, each engaged in immediate transfer of information and data with each other.
The one I had met before recognized me and passed through me a peaceful vibratory recognition. I was happy here. Should I stay? I decided to come back later. I decided to say goodbye and curved back to the black hole, slowed again to pass through as a wafer of light, enjoying the uncountable lights and basic intelligences that thrived there.
Too soon I popped out, reemerging into my reality. I headed back to homebase.