A Powerful Experience of Energy



On return and meditation on my experiences, I rested, pushing the chair seat back seat. I fell into a perfect balance of borderline sleep and active awareness. This sleep/awake is a very active state and a precursor to the release of the soul into infinity.

And that is what happened: with a shock, my consciousness shot out from me into a circular shape, ringed in a kaleidoscope of colors and rotating white light. It was like a pulsing starburst. I was there in a flash of no time and then reached out to touch the ringed lights. Instead of entering as I wanted, my energetic body/soul was forcefully pushed back into my physical body.

Completely focused on this new experience, I intended to return to the pulsing rings of color and light. I very much wanted to go there and see what this was. I knew that somewhere within the rings were answers to my many questions. Again, I was pushed back to my body. Consciousness was flicking back and forth with clarity and speed. I thought this must be a dream. I had never (or did not remember) had this experience before.

It wasn’t a dream. My back ached from resting too long in one posture, the tingling continued through my body.

Again, I looked at that place and thought I could go there but I was not allowed to stay. I saw the pulsing ring clearly with my eyes as though through a telescope. ?

At this rejection, I was feeling my life’s credo as a strong push of emotion and desire. As it has always been: “Move forward to face the unknown. Never quit.”

Some part of me insisted the rings were there for a reason. For me. A gift? A Trojan horse? I couldn’t back away.

I directed my consciousness again and moved out from my body. I could see both my body and the shaped intent of my energetic body. Focused on reaching out “there” again, I collected my consciousness and for a third time shot out of the room into the heart of the rings. I entered and in that fraction of a second, I saw everything and understood nothing.

I was snapped back into my body, just as an elastic cord pulls back to its source.

Three attempts were enough for now. Staying, exploring, and learning what I was in was not an option now. Tired, I closed the connection and decided to sleep. And I did, I fell into a dreamless state of darkness and rest.

As powerful as this experience was, I still do not know what happened.