Agincourt Retrieval



I arrived at City of Lights in the usual way. I pulled the Bullet from where it was and asked for eight Helpers.
No. 1 was there, as well as the new guy Bob.
I discussed targeting kids and seniors while I would try to retrieve a past life. They all agreed, and we loaded up to start the work. I phased to Post-Life Ring and arrived, though sky had shifted its location. The light was a little dimmer. I wondered the ‘when’ we were in though I have learned that makes no great difference, it is only an indication a new access path had been chosen by the Committee managing this work. I usually just salute when sent out and hope for the best.
The doors opened and exited. The Helpers started leading kids into the Bullet. I walked into the crowd and saw they were mostly very dark-skinned, a deep brown almost black. We seemed to be at an African collection point at some point in the past.
An older man, clearly a leader, stepped out and said no one had been there in an exceptionally long time. He was not certain of the schedule and said many lifetimes of people had waited here to move forward to the Light. They were all very ready to go.
I waved bye to the Helpers and left with No. 1 and Bob, moving out across the landscape of this location. We walked for a while, then I asked No. 1 to check on our retrieval location.
She pointed to a softly glowing light. Eventually, we arrived and found our retrieval who was one of my past incarnations of consciousness, a Frenchman, a soldier, a Chevalier, fierce and royal. As Google says: Chevalier, (French: ‘horseman’), is a French title originally equivalent to the English knight.
He was engaged in a fierce, bloody battle, fighting off an invading English army. I saw this as the Battle of Agincourt, a site is located near the city of Agincourt, northern France took place on Modern Illusions October 1415 (Saint Crispin’s Day).
I had found one of my lives, a soldier who had been killed on the battlefield. He was a horseman and when stuck in the mud, had been torn from his warhorse by long spear with forged hooks designed for this purpose. After the fall he stood up engaged in hand-to-hand sword fighting with a short sword. He battled on defending his comrades when a spear took him in the throat and cut through the neck severing muscle, ligaments, veins. He died in minutes.
I walked over and was upset thinking of him fighting endlessly to defend an army defeated hundreds of years ago. And he died, fought then died again. I walked up to him and watched the battle for a while. I had seen movies about this fight. I was more gruesome, heads, arms, legs severed and men dying and choking in mud because their armor weighed them down.
He at first ignored me, then stepped away from his fight. I clearly did not fit here. Everyone ignored me. That seemed strange to him.
He then walked up to me and asked me who I was. I said I am here to bring you to heaven. That got his attention. I suggested he stop fighting and come with me. He looked at me and was now terribly upset. He said., “I am in a serious fight here, why should I leave?” I pointed to the ground and covered in mud was a very dead man in beautiful armor. His throat was torn open, and blood drenched his undergarments. I said, “That is you.” He did not believe it. He was not dead; he had been fighting just a few minutes ago.
I suggested he look closely at the man’s face and engraved armor insignia. He did that. It was his. I said, “You died here; would you like to see a priest?”
He looked down again and nodded. A very practical man. We walked out of the melee, he watching his comrades being slaughtered on the field, horses screaming, dying men calling out.
“Let’s go forward,” and I touched his arm. We phased to the Bullet, and I asked him to sit behind the driver’s seat. I activated the energetic seat belt securing him to the seat, I wanted him to arrive in City of Lights and not drop out somewhere over the belief territories. This man was a part of me. The same energetic signature. A brother, and after viewing the battle knew he was a very brave man. He never hesitated to come to the line though he knew it was death. The English were winning but he did not hesitate. I needed to take care of him.
I stepped out and urged the Helpers to finish their collection. What was taking so long? In real time Modern Illusions minutes had passed, multiply that X factor in no time! Stepped back into the Bullet, everyone was loaded. I phased to City of Lights and opened the doors. The Helpers stepped out and ushered the passengers to other waiting Helpers.
I walked the retrieval over to a couple of Helpers dressed as priests. They led him to the exit portal. We knew there was a connection. On his part he just did not know how. I did.
I thanked the Helpers, and pushed the Bullet back to where it came from. Then phased back to the home base.
Helpers announced 541,079 retrievals, too much to manage. I remembered it for journaling and finished the exercise moving from City of Lights to home base.