Their Appearance and Role on Earth

One Sunday in church I saw a dozen of these. This image closely reflects how I see angels.

Angelics are non-corporeal life forms. They arrived at this incubator on the edge of the galaxy after life was already flourishing and a number of species had already achieved high consciousness and graduated from the physical planes. One estimate is that they first arrived about 3 million years ago when early hominids were roaming around in many varieties. They took the world and the associated multi-dimensional planes over by force, imprisoning and/or evicting the previous managers.

They created early man and then modern man out of the physical materials already present and according to their own particular desires and needs. They exist outside of time from the perspective of humans, though it may be more accurate to state that they operate from a much wider lens view of time. They are mighty and selfish and ruthlessly determined. Some are paragons of goodness and virtue, but that is as rare among them as it is humans.