Birthmarks or physical difficulties



I was asked about birthmarks or physical difficulties that people may carry with them from another life, and whether these signify that there’s something in that life that we need to work on or resolve in this current life.
All of us have inevitably had really good lives and really bad lives. By bad, I mean that we’ve damaged other people, and done things that we don’t do in our current life or wouldn’t even dream of doing. What I see from my experience is that there’s a karmic carry forward into our current existence of the things that we have done in the past, whether they were good things or bad. So, if you were a soldier and you went around chopping people’s heads off or limbs, which often happens in a fight, particularly with edged weapons, it’s very possible you’ll come across something in your current life that is a karmic flow through from that past life. So, when very strange things happen to me, I’m not surprised at all. I feel that my body is just experiencing the consequences of karma that was accrued in a previous life, as well as the good things.
What’s interesting from my view is when you pass through into the Light, there’s no judgment. None. Your mentors, guides, and higher self turn to you and ask, “What did you learn?” They’re more interested in the learning process than the actual events. I think that is because everything smooths out as your consciousness increases and expands. The bad things come home to roost, as often as the expression goes, and the good things carry forward. Everyone who is a saint in this life may not have been saintly in a previous life.