December 6, 2021 – Follow up on an Energy Attachment



I woke from sleep this morning with an impulse to check on the condition of the person for whom I had completed an entity removal process on 12-3-21. The pull was something not to be put off. I shifted there using my entire energetic body. Healing using solely consciousness is not as effective.

My arrival—instantaneous as it was—brought me to the body for a closer look. I went down to the location of the attachment, noticed the scarring in the etheric body, and sought any presence of the attachment the person identified as “Ray.” People who have long-term infestations tend to personalize and build a working relationship with the attachment. The attachment pulls emotional energy while presenting a “helpful” energy in return. This can go on throughout the person’s life. In this situation, the attachment was what I call a hereditary entity that had moved through generations of the family.

More likely, the person has a DNA structure that appeals to and fits the needs/wants of the attachment. The person quietly suffering from this kind of attachment fully believes there is a beneficial and reciprocal relationship between the two. It also means the attachment has had a lifetime to burrow into the nervous system of the victim.

There is no beneficial relationship. There is feeding on a host with the feeding entity temporarily soothing its host. Many hosts are prone to addictions such as to physical and sexual energy. Often, the host has an addictive tendency that leads to alcoholism.

I scanned the body and saw traces of the attachment’s tentacles. Unlike what I have seen before, the tentacles had a fibrous appearance. The fibers were in a growth mode. Self-replicating the embedded entity, these would regrow themselves over the remaining years of the host’s life. Not good.

Due to my lack of experience in traversing the layout of the nervous system, I called out to my guide Tre’ Cha’, an old and potent energy sphere, for help. Tre’ Cha’ knew how to move into the nerves and remove the fibers. It also allowed me to see its work as the strings of fibrous tendrils were moving and pushing themselves to rejoin into a new entity. Stunning visuals.

Tre’ Cha’ went to work, isolating the growth carefully to not damage the host in the retrieval process. I watched, enraptured if not enthralled, by the process that eventually resulted in the removal of the embedded tendrils. The body was scanned again, and nothing remained.

The host would be susceptible to later attachments if vigilance was not taken to protect him. As an alternative, he would need to energetically shield himself. Habits and accommodations experienced in a lifetime require diligent care to prevent the attachments or others of its kind from returning. I returned to home base and thought about the experience.

The attachment showed up in my personal space and tried to attach to my energy field. Good luck with that. As a precaution, I went to the location on the 36th ring where the majority of my total Self resided and experienced a thorough healing. The healing device looked like a white Christmas wreath with Italian lights of many colors, flashing and glowing within its wreath. I was highly amused but settled down as I experienced a deeper healing than ever before. What works, works! On waking, I felt refreshed and clean of any attachment, if there had even been a successful implant.

This attachment had run through hundreds of years in this family. It was strong, extremely intuitive, and pissed off at me and its Host. This had to be taken seriously. Again, I sent it into the Light, but not surprisingly, it disappeared, probably to create mischief in another Host.

From “The Pattern”