Dynamics of Spirit in Energy Healing and Health



The spiritual healer is driven by a deep belief, found in the depths of their soul, that by desire and will, by the sheer urge of love, Spirit heeds their call to restore balance and perfection in the damaged, broken, diseased and distressed.

The healer heals by an interior recognition of like calling to like: health to health, life to life, energy to energy.

A healer is most often born gifted with the ability to call Spirit to the task of healing, prayers and meditations are heard and answered. Sometimes a person will call forth to spirit in grief and agony and be heard for that one moment when the healing of a loved one becomes the focus of their thoughts and desires.

The healer’s special relationship with the creative force of Spirit is the trigger that sets into motion the healing energy that will restore or stimulate the healing presence.

Complete physical and mental health is a moment’s illusion of energy that courses through the body and mind, a deep satisfaction of knowing the body works as it is designed to. The flow of health is revitalizing, invigorating, and a reaffirmation of the essential energy binding the body in its ideal configuration of health. In fact, we are spiritual beings encased in physical reality, living in a stressful, damaging environment that tears at the body and mind in increments.

Aging is only a single factor in the degeneration of the body from health to dysfunction. Mental health is the greatest factor in maintaining health. A well-balanced mind is a force that drives the body through its early years to that time when the forces of life begin to erode the body. A mind that slips into dysfunction through guilt, fear, obsessions, and failure is the early warning sign that significant ill-health is approaching. The dysfunctional mind begins to close down the flow of energy through the brain and body and redirects it into the internal picture of the Self that we come to believe is who we really are.

Vitality after the early flush of youth comes completely under the management of our unconscious mind. It is not the flow of images, data, and conversations that stream through the brain that regulates our health; it is the unconscious drives of our personality that shape us into future selves. As we grow older it becomes easier to see that our lives have become reflections of our beliefs. The broken mind is the broken body. The healing process is usually intervention through drug therapy for a system whose maintenance programs have faltered or failed. The treatment prohibits, redirects, and circumvents the body’s reaction to a system failure, promoting health usually at the expense of the rest of the system.

Direct intervention accomplishes the same thing except through radical treatment of injury and disease through removal and restructuring failing components. Spiritual healing is like both of these traditional approaches, intervention, but an intervention that is closely tied to the original blueprint of the body.

Spiritual healing implies an active intelligence in a force that we usually do not recognize to exist in our lives. We often recognize it as having validity in the context of our religious teachings, but not a reality in our daily lives. Spiritual healing is a process by which the available energy of the healer and patient are activated by the intention of the healer to achieve balance in the energy field of the patient’s body. The purity and dedication of purpose of the healer are assets to the patient, yet not a specific requirement.

It is the ability of the healer to beckon the participation of Spirit into the process of healing that will engender the process of healing. Wishing, wanting, and hoping have little or no real value in accomplishing the intervention of Spirit in the process of repairing the broken body and mind. You have relationship with Spirit or you do not. Your prayers and meditations are answered or they are not.