Energetic parasites



Energetic parasites are described as energetic forms of consciousness existing in a slightly faster frequency wave, capable of seeking out selected forms of consciousness within the Earth’s energy system. The union of these attachments with humans is generally strong because humans serve as a needed energy source.
Attachments may move about for years, going from one potential host to another, until finding a compatible source of living energy. When attachments link to a human’s nervous system, they mature. Upon reaching maturity, they may choose to “move on” and find another linkage to an energy source compatible with both the host and attachment. An energetic parasite may cause the death or disability of its host if a better energy source is found.
Sorcerers, shamans, witches, warlocks, et al. refer to these as “familiars,” “allies,” “sources,” “friends,” and “patrons.” Every person carrying these parasitic attachments—whether large or small, immature or mature—has a choice at some point in the relationship to sever the connection or to continue the symbiotic relationship. Release of the parasitic attachment occurs if the host seeks a healer to help them disconnect and be free of the attached entity.
From my experiences, I often see this symbiosis as acceptable. Each benefits, though the only conclusion is the termination of the life force as it becomes debilitated by the energy drawn by the energetic attachment. When the attachment becomes dangerous, affecting its host’s health and mental stability, it is well past time for an energetic healer to sever the connection completely. If possible, removal requires the healer to follow the tentacles of the energetic parasite to its endpoint in the host’s energy field. Depending on the strength of the parasite and the experience of the energetic healer, there is danger to all three parties: the host, the parasite, and the healer.