Energy attachments are self-serving



Energy attachments are self-serving. Conscious in their own right. They can be managed—even useful—but very dangerous. They are mimics and feedback systems that when linked with us strive to dominate their food source—us, the host.
Amazingly, they are an integral part of our reality.
From what I have seen, this intrusion can begin during each individual’s hormone shift to sexual maturity. Clean, bright energy is not attractive to them because it has less texture and weight. Narcissism is one attractor. Predispositions, chemical and genetic are another. What I know from my experience is that they learn from us how to survive. We are experts. They soon mimic us usually hiding in the shadows of our energy field.
My clarity on this matter is from an experience of standing by a friend unable to disconnect and dying bit by bit as the last piece of his core energy was consumed. In my experience, a meditation practice to manage and shape the energetic body seals us from intrusion and attachment.