Evolution of Consciousness



Today’s choices, rooted in the depths of artistic thought, shape the reality of tomorrow. It’s no wonder that the most transformative shifts often arise from the ideas and visions of their originators, captured through words or visual art. Yet, our natural resistance to change—a fear of deviating from our comfort zone—magnifies this effect. We may be inclined to entertain new thoughts and discussions, but often with hesitation and in moderation—thus, we prefer gradual shifts over complete upheavals.

Inherently, our evolution is piecemeal, bit by bit. There are no monumental leaps for humanity, only modest steps that, over time, culminate in noticeable change—change that had been brewing long before its realization. The Pattern encourages us to gradually alter our lifestyles, perspectives, and self-perceptions, always in alignment with our innate pace—steadily and progressively, with the occasional nudge, but never a seismic shift.

— Kevin Jeffers