Experiences 12-10 at 3:30 AM



I used my standard method of moving through focus location, arrived at the City of Lights, collected myself, decided to use the “infinity” bus (a bus of normal length for Modern Illusions – 40 kids, that when entered has an infinite seating capacity), my goal is 1,000 kids a trip.

Recreated the bus, asked for help, usual helpers arrived, four of them. No questions though they seemed a bit excited. That should have been the tip off that this trip was different.

Phased out of the City of Lights to the Realm of Disorientation with my arrival at the usual location. There were hundreds of kids waiting for the bus!

I asked the helpers to start loading them after verifying they were actual retrievals.

That started, I checked my energy shield, took the globe from my energy field, held it in my left hand, and walked into the black zone. I passed through the first level, went through the second level (felt like waving to a few I recognized) and checked out the next group of Souls all locked into a thought form cage they were placed a long time ago by the Realm of Disorientation helpers then.

As I had one Helper left – the others were busy with the kids – I asked for help to identify the retrieval. I still do not know how that works. My helper sighted the target and I walked forward to find a massive beast, like a nasty stegosaurus. The entity then went through a series of form changes—large to small, then wider. I could not keep up with the shape changes. Tired of this, I walked up with the globe in hand, and as expected, it settled down when the light reached it. Not sure if there was a head or eyes.

I invited it to move to the Light, explaining that the self-punishment cycle was complete. They could go forward with some controls in place. I did not want these souls to get loose or disappear. I would have lost my job. The target seemed to have decided enough was enough and allowed me to touch him to guide him to the bus. (What do he and the kids see as their transport? I doubt many do not know what a yellow bus is.) I retreated with him to the bus. I saw there are many levels of complexity in the black zone. It is too easy to say they got uglier, but for some reason, I knew that moving into the inner levels I would eventually come to some unbelievably bad characters. I “felt” at the center was a master controller responsible for this setup. I was not in any rush to meet them.

I made it back to the bus, but I missed the recall and so rushed back. I placed the recovery target next to me up front and held on for the expected phase-out. A poorly intended phase-out that sputtered out. I was very tired and my reserve energy was low. I needed more juice. Phase-out failed again. I was getting nervous. A bus full of kids and a very “bad” Soul capable of anything if allowed. The third try worked and creaked back to the park. The reception area was crowded. I should have known they already knew of my arrival, had experienced it, and already dealt with it. There are no surprises in “no time.”

To my deep surprise, we unloaded +700 kids. I knew now that this ambitious retrieval program needed more helpers.

I got off last with the recovered Soul and gave him to two experienced Helpers. Exhausted, I sent the bus back to nothingness and started moving to home base and a very welcome meditation chair. I remained worried about the Phase-in failures.