Experiences from Nov. 19 at 3:00 A.M.



Tonight was a bit strange. Woke up exactly at 3:00 and was so sleep disoriented I could hardly make it out of bed to my meditation chair. That done, I settled into a very cool room. Before sleep, I had went through one of the Ageless recordings. The “Inner Healing Circle” by Ms. Avalon, very good. Always works for me. Never heard of the heart becoming a directional beam in locating the perfect healing room suited to me. I do this sometimes now to go to sleep refreshed and ready for some travel work. Otherwise, a bit tired and foggy the next day.
I took some steps for protection. This included reinforcing my energy field, reaffirming my intent and the purpose of the process. I settled in and opened the Voyager 7 track on retrieval and started syncing to various stages. It went rather fast, so decided to go to the Realm of Disorientation from the City of Lights directly, where I asked for four helpers. Two is probably ok, but four makes me very comfortable. Of the four, the voice said choose the ones you trust. I was not sure what to do, I did not know any of them. Out from back of the circle I saw a very large black lady dressed in a Civil War period skirt, her hair in corn rows, and beautiful eyes. Then she stepped up to me. She was pure love. The light in a soft radiance flowed from her to me as she embraced me. I knew she would protect me. Her love was palpable. Her name is Alfia. I accepted then that she was team leader. Remaining from the four, there was a very slender, dynamic woman dressed in forest green who in every movement wove symbols and energy configurations of amazing coherency. At rest, the energy patterns moved about her. I could not articulate her name. She was a sorceress, very precise, very deadly, yet we connected immediately. I remembered her from a mediumship class when I asked for guides. She was chosen then, and now no doubt she stepped up knowing my background as well.
Going to the Realm of Disorientation does not even phase these folks. I like that. They know my agenda: get there, enter the black zone, recover a soul I feel some connection to or is pointed to me by my intuition, and get out, returning to the City of Lights fast.
I arrived by phase shift to the Realm of Disorientation and started prepping for entry. Strange, but souls in the light to medium gray haze zones watched me. I realized I was probably working inside one small sector. I checked on my new light globe tucked in my abdomen and pulled it out from there into my left hand. Waiting, looking, I did not get a target, but moving inward I saw someone stuck in the black pitch but standing upright. I noticed yellow eyes were watching. Since I stopped, I stepped in closer and asked, “Do you want to go to the Light now?” This was it, so he had to decide now. The deal is one-time and if he does not want to go, I will continue the search. He saw the globe and loosened up a bit, more vibrancy though not moving. I lifted the globe up near his face and invited him once again to move into the Light. I got back a fear/anxiety vibration. He knew if he left, he would go and get major energy reshaping work done. The soul’s energy field would be pulled apart, darkness would be cut out and new energy added back in. I got a quiet acceptance. I asked him if I could grasp his arm and again he was ok with that. He loosened from the black fluid bonding. I asked his name. He said Voldak. Have no idea from where he was from. He had an almost lizard-like posture and black skin.
I said “Ok, let us go,” and phased out of the Realm of Disorientation back to the Realm of Disorientation, making sure the helpers covered my backside.
I stopped at one Modern Illusions for some reason, probably for me as I am afraid on cessation I will go there and get stuck in that endless praise and gospel readings.
That done, I phased to the City of Lights. I passed Mr. Voldak off to two helpers who led him off, but could not see far then.
I decided to look around the City of Lights so reset the hemi-synch to entry time to the Realm of Disorientation, and leave about 20 minutes before reparking in my chair.
I walked around, saw teaching, healing rooms, and private green settings amid trees. The park and the way station were watching entries get certified to recycle again. Vardak was in for a rough future.
I saw a large red brick-like structure. It said it was the Monroe Institute, with a beautiful reception area inside. A 20-something girl, white-skinned, with curly hair, said “hi” and asked what I wanted/needed. I looked around, and noticed a lot was going on. I said I wanted a process to increase my vibrational rate for further traveling out to Focus 31. I have no idea where that is. She smiled and said there was no need to train or get modified. She walked up to a circular softly glowing portal and pointed. She was communicating something to the effect of “There you are, go.” I did.
With a jerk, I stepped through into Focus 31 and went to a location I seemed to remember. It was brilliant light, a location or intersection of different intelligence forms, arriving and departing. I pressed with my hand at a barrier and felt a clear, fluid wall. I just stood and watched the passing activity. No revelations, just awe. I expected to wait a long time for this. I memorized the vibrational rate and appearance of the location and stepped back to the building. I thanked the girl who said, “See you again.” My time in the City of Lights was over.
Then I decided on the second return call (replay #2) to take the slow path back via various Focus stages. I seem to like Focus 15 for this—dark, gentle, creative. Nerve soothing.
Then to home base. Then bed, but I ould not fall asleep even though I usually do so. I was not wired or anxious, just awake and feeling again the space of Focus 31. Finally, my alarm clock sounded.
I do want to check out more of the City of Lights. And the Edge of Human Experience (Focus 21). Both are lively places to be in. I see in the City of Lights that energy for life and souls converge there with bars of primary light being made and dispersed. Souls are reshaped after disaster incarnations. There is an abundance of mastery in soul growth and management processes.