How do you learn soul retrievals?



I was asked how I learned to perform soul retrievals. The reason that you become really good at something is because you practiced and practiced and practiced. For me, there were years of practice until finally, I realized that the only thing holding me back was me. My soul, which is infinite and indestructible and immortal (as opposed to the body) was able to engage in this activity. (The soul doesn’t engage in this activity while in a body unless the soul is some extraordinary manifestation of Spirit.) But we can shift our consciousness into levels of consciousness. I did not find much information about soul retrieval published. It’s like our attention is not in this area. We’re enamored with the concept of having died and then angels come down and they hold our hands and take us into the light. That’s very attractive and an easy answer, but not everything is like that every time. So that’s how I developed the skill of soul retrieval.