Meeting a Tufor in the Café Miranon



Traveling on 6-9-20 at 5:00 a.m.

No great adventures tonight, I thought, as I promised myself a relaxing meditation, like a tourist trip to see the sights, then scoot back to home base. I phased out to Edge of Life to visit my Café— the Café Miranon. A decent little intergalactic meeting place, styled in old world ambiance with wood paneling, hand carved bar, simple two-seating tables. I saw the updated scoreboard; it seemed my approval rating was now solid. Improves my survival opportunities. Popular opinion is great and sways even the strongest houses. I hope.

I tried to flag down a few ships streaming past the Café Miranon. Advertising for more business is always helpful. No one stopped, no surprise. Just some illogical pleasure to wave at strange and different people. Then I stood on the bridge between here and there to relax and watch the passing spaceships. The sky was heavy with traffic. Tonight, the bridge looks like a copy of the bridges of Florence, with heavy stone arches finished in a brown/red brick, old gas lamps (who refilled these?) on tall posts.

Happy, I walked back to Café and saw the Tufor in its usual spot, as though time had not passed since our last chat. I thought about this for a while. Energetic beings are free of time constraints. He could have been sitting at that table for thirty years my time and a leisurely thirty minutes for him. Just more to drink and eat. He was effectively immortal and could afford to wait me out.

I walked over to the Tufor / Yaheeny Na-Izilin’s table and sat down next to him/her (I have no reference to distinguish the sex of a Tufor; if there is a sex pattern, it’s not obvious to me.). I thought I was looking at the same person though I could not be 100% sure. It really did not matter.

I asked if he had the amended agreement of cooperation and he nodded and pushed what looked like a massive book over to me. It looked fractionally smaller than a dictionary written in 14-point type in the old letterset style – roomy and lengthy. I saw less depth (in the low fractions) of its bulk, a document they viewed with reverence. Contracts and agreements are holy writ to the immortals. Once you are part of their team, like a New York Italian mob, there is no leave, vacation, or sick days. Here in the rings, my lack of experience would be worse for me as the distinction between the dead (energetic body) and a human (physical body) make little difference to them.

I was tired of the back and forth and placed the right palm of my hand on top of the documents and prayed very sincerely that whoever was my supervisor would help me here and check out the amendments. I felt my hand tingle, like the vibration of an alarm clock, and saw a flash of white light centered on the document.

Internally I heard an “okay to sign” it. I stamped the last page with my personal mark and pushed the agreement back to the Tufor, who showed a spark of awareness and nodded. No smiles from this one. I had just committed myself to an indefinite period of cooperation in unknown territory and ally until the new consciousness was in place.

I nodded, wearily, and walked away with two data cubes in hand, as though pulled from the air. The Tufor had dropped one onto my hand. This one was an extension of my core energy cloak, stronger and less likely to have attachments stuck on it. Then I was handed a second. ‘These were the plan and drawing for a ship’s add-on that will stop movement and action outside the radius of each ship. This allows the crews to operate the gun turrets and the ship to fire the unreality wave beams.

Almost immediately I felt a stimulation from the top of my head down into my body to my feet. Like a plant growing upside down through my head. The Tufor hadn’t wasted any time using me, but first I had to be prepared, adapt, and learn their culture and language. I am a terrible linguist. I knew this will be painful. I was remembering my first significant retrieval effort on After Life Energy Ring and the dangers I experienced, so I knew I was once again on a roller coaster.