Monday 11-30-20 at 5 AM



Landed in the City of Lights, knowing this was a single-person retrieval. I collected a team of four and explained this was a deep dive into the black zone of Ring 23, the Realm of Disorientation. Two decided to pass and two more agreed to help and watch my back. Cannot understand why someone living in the City of Lights is concerned about much of anything. Personal choice…
Phased to the Realm of Disorientation at the usual arrival location. I took out my globe from my energy body storage and brightened up.
I walked to the known dark area, passing some who were not clear on where they were. Others were inactive, or inactive to my sight.
I went deeper into the black zone where the people who have inflicted pain, death, and various bad actions to others rested. Not a great place to be in because they relived, in constant loops, the recreation of their actions except they were on the receiving end. Each one was unique and operating under laws I do not really understand.
I looked again and again, but did not see a retrieval target. I asked the helpers and one of them pointed to a distant location off to my right. I still did not see anything so I walked in the direction the guide pointed to. As I moved closer, I began to see the pickup. They were in the ground, covered by several heavy flat stones. The back dirt and ooze covered the stones almost completely. A number came into my head and for the first time, I caught the data for the filing system Spirit uses to keep track of people there. With one hand firmly on the new glowing globe, I scraped away the dirt and clearly saw the covering stones.
I pulled the top one up and looked in. Laying horizontal was a person-shaped being with leathery, dark green skin and a face showing a resemblance to a lizard/snake. I was startled, stepped back, and then looked at their face. The eyes opened and I was very surprised. This character had been there a very long time. He was docile, made no moves, and kept his eyes on the globe. Without the globe, I could not work in this place.
I asked him (assumed it was he) that now was the time to go back into the Light. He thought about it and then nodded/blinked from large yellow-veined eyes.
I asked him for permission to lift him up and transition. Oddly, there was nothing strange in holding him. I phased to The Park, quickly and without incidence. On arrival, I was met by several Helpers who circled him and led him away. Good enough. Returned to my meditation chair and soon to bed and sleep.