My guardian angel, Priscus



?? ?????????? ???? ??-??-??, ?:?? ?.?.

I met my guardian angel this morning, Priscus, on x49. He was with my upper-level management / advisory group in my collective overself. I asked him if he was still on the job as my guardian. I needed a confirmation. He said yes.

My collective counsel was there. He stepped toward me a bit unexpectedly and then placed his palms on each side of my head. A soothing strong glacial white light poured out of his hands. Down my body, soothing, healing. I felt this as I lay there, as teal as drinking a cup of water. All in silence. I felt good, soothed, happy.

Then I woke up and fixed waffles for the family. As I sat down to eat, I started to feel immensely sad. Waves of sadness were pouring into the place Priscus had placed his hands – an almost overpowering sadness. I was feeling energy and realized I was being deluged to the point of intense discomfort. I had to leave and lay down.

Now five hours later my head settled down. The sadness was abating.

There seemed to be no context to understand the experience.

I feel Priscus’s sadness from his work and I became tuned into the vast sadness of life. Not what I expected or wanted.

–Kevin Jeffers