November 13, 2020 2:30 A.M. The Beginning of Serious Retrieval Work



Last night I went through a rough experience.
I started ok with a healing program to relax and reconstitute the body. I felt good on exit.
Did a second emotional healing program. I removed energy field stuff—no terrors, good results. I felt light and clean.
Then I made a mistake. With seemingly good energy after these two, I decided to do a recovery in the After Life Zone. Mistake. At least I got assistance when asked.
I went to the After Life Zone zone to find who they wanted to be brought forward. I have been focusing on children, bright wounded spirits without any sense of where they are.
I landed there (or phased in). Everything looked ok on arrival although I was getting used to the geography.
Then the routine changed. I felt a strong compulsion, like a signal, to enter the darkest inward edge of the ring. This was not good. I was more tired than I understood at first. I had not really entered this area before, always staying on the fringe. Souls moving or locked into the gray haze were at most annoying.
I stepped in, feeling I was good.
I saw so much—endless bodies stacked, lying face up, curled up. The emanation of emotions was very high, scary but manageable. I continued to enter deeply past the color variation of the ring—transitioning from gray, to medium gray, getting dark to deep black. I felt compelled to go into the deep black. Successful, I entered deeper, keeping my attention on the signal indicating a recovery. The sky darkened.
Then the black sludge at my feet started to run over my feet and creep up my legs. It focused on my energy field shield, looking for an entry point. It found one, at the bottom of my feet and reentry of energy flow. I had failed to check the shield. I could not move then. Struggling to pull free, I lost orientation to the Light, just a horizon line of dark orange/brown. No white light.
Getting anxious, I tried to create a denser field, tighten the gap, and step out. I could not move. The movement continued. In spite of recharging and charging my energy shield, nothing moved my legs. I was running out of gas. I wanted to touch my bed. With one flick of a finger, one sensation in my feet, I would know I was home, but the distance between intent and touching was huge. I knew if I “tapped out”—”split from this reality”— I would get out, but I also knew a part of me would still be struggling, if not consumed. I stayed.
Feeling helpless, I went into survival. I then became very angry. An emotional force built inside me, cycling up and up until I passed the panic into white-hot anger. I then consciously stepped back to a primal form from the beginning of my lineage of which I had seen glimpses over the years.
I formed into the old memory: a tall, muscular, big, and very dangerous Satyr, not the goat images of medieval art. A beautiful beast whose higher consciousness separated it from the animal domain. Not the parody of medieval art.
(I think this was a primary form from my point of origin. Added was a higher consciousness. Self-aware, spiritually aware in basic expression. There was a combined Domain energy that created this soul—half-dark, half-light. The wonder in the Creator was how this experiment would work out.)
There I stood, with midnight black hair and skin. An enraged warrior. Beautiful in appearance and presence. I lifted my cloven foot and stomped down on the goop. I saw it was a soul as I looked down into its face and saw its eyes, a baleful yellow and very demented. This one was broken in places beyond my experience to understand. An enraged soul, an energetic hatred poured out of it, and I broke my rule of leaving souls alone regardless of provocation. I called down on it the names of the Dominions controlled by my lineage in its force and intensity. I was one of the exiled. A source of being that never leaves a soul, even as you transition into the Light.
It released its grip, pulling back the clinging black tainting of its essence. This one was crazy, not stupid. Changing from darkness into a white radiance, transition is inevitable. He accepted and I held my hand out. I walked out into the Light as my form transitioned into the one I am now, blue/white with flashes of gold. Beautiful luxuriant light. Now I am the dark one merged with the light one.
I felt a residue on my feet. Streaks of black on my feet and calves. Very uncomfortable. Then I “popped” back into the entry point of that level and understood there was work to do.
I identified two kids in very bad shape, each with a different violent ending. I reached out to hold their hands. The connection settled me. These were real people, innocents. I asked them if they wanted to go to the Light and pointed outwards to the brilliant white. They were happy. Good to go. They took my hands (I never grab hands, no action until the recovery allows themselves to come forward).
Then I looked up and out and saw a young boy looking intently at me, 13-14 and newly passed. I knew he was my target pickup, no question. I called him over. He came and said his name was David. He wanted to leave immediately. He did not like the waiting. I said, “Get up on my back,” and he did so, his arms wrapped around my neck. I said, “It was time to go.” My hands full of him and others, I let the boy sink his energy lines into my back. He felt safe and did not want to let go. I knew he was not the average passenger.
I phased to The Park and as I rested there, no one wanted to take the boy. Everyone there was worried, and they stood back. I could not sense/see what they did. So, I harangued them to help. I released the girl’s hands and she was picked up. Finally, a group of colorful white globes took the boy away. He looked once at me. I knew he would remember me. I would sooner have forgotten.
I immediately tried to shake off the taint and left. In every Focus area in my retreat to homebase, I spent time to shake off the taint, using the particular energy of the level to reduce the taint. By level twelve, it was 99% gone. By level one, it was gone from my head and emotions. When too fresh, and too emotional, I was very worried I would track a path back to my house. Before engaging, I washed off the remaining emotion, the fear, the anxiety. I checked personal seals. I took a while to sleep again. It seemed like hours had passed.